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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Break Time - Update Number Two

Okay... I know I said I'd be back in December, but I don't think I was being logical or sane when I said that.

As can happen, the best laid schemes of mice and men often go away. (Did you know we get this phrase from the poet Robert Burns?)

Try as I might, life keeps getting in the way. We learned recently that our dear and wonderful dog of 11 years has cancer, so the time we have left with her is short.
Ursa in the bluebonnets 2010
That said, I haven't done near as much writing for my novel course as I'd hoped. So, if I'm going to get this lesson off by January 6th, I need to take more time.

Plus I'm messing around with Createspace  and working to get my collection of Anansi stories formatted, not to mention trying to figure out how to work with the templates to get my cover made.

I'm on this high octane learning curve that's got me using muscles I didn't know I had so I'm feeling a stretched mentally and emotionally.

What follows is an aside.

Every person who's made a name for him/herself has to come from somewhere. But when a person comes from your neck of the woods, it kind of makes you feel like you've got special bragging rights.

I feel that way  about Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs. He's a native Virgin Islander, born and raised on St. Croix. Even though I'm not into basketball, knowing that "our boy" Timmy has helped take the Spurs to several championships makes me feel good.

Really, I'm not into sports. I don't follow teams, I hardly ever watch any kind of games. And as for football... to me it's the modern day equivalent of Roman gladiatorial exhibitions. I'm just not all that keen on watching a bunch of guys smash into each other.

But something happened on Saturday the 8th that caused me to feel like I do about Tim Duncan, like I have special bragging rights. For the first time ever a college freshman was awarded the Heisman Trophy and it was "our boy" Johnny Manziel who received it.

Home boy, from a small Texas town, makes a name for himself. Hey, that's MY town he comes from! Just think, two years ago he was playing football at the local high school. No matter how I slice it, it's cool. I'm a wee bit proud and I simply have to brag a little bit. 

Everyone has to come from somewhere. Johnny Football came from here.


Okay, dear friends. That's all for me for now. Truly, I'm hoping to get back after the 6th of January, but who can say what else will get thrown at me? I have to take this all one day at a time, which in the end, is all any of us can do.

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