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Writing History and Publications

I've been writing off and on since I was eight. My mother was the first to realize I might have a talent, even though I couldn't spell. Throughout my life she encouraged me.

The very first thing of mine ever published was a poem that appeared on the fly leaf of my junior year book. It went like this:

The Tangled Vines of Confusion
The tangled vines of confusion
Suddenly being to separate
And grow straight up.
Suddenly there is a path before you,
Where there was nothing --
Suddenly there is something from inside you
Encouraging you on -- telling you
To take that hesitating step forward.

In my senior year  I was the copy editor. Which is kind of a hoot as I still couldn't spell and we didn't know it was because I'm mildly dyslexic. Two of my pieces were published in the year book.

After high school I wrote articles for a local newspaper about growing up in the Virgin Islands.

Many years later I found myself working at a home for abused and neglected children. For 18 years I was the assistant editor for the newsletter which had a circulation of about 10,000 people and went to such far away places as England and Australia. I wrote many, many articles for the newsletter.

When I retired I decided to pursue my life long dream of writing for children. To that end, I took two courses with the Institute of Children's Literature.

I have written several middle grade novels and one young adult. I also have collection of retold Anansi stories, translated from original Jamaican tales. All of these are still looking for a home.

I am a member of SCBWI.

Below is a list of published stories and articles beginning with the most recent.

The Little Pre-fab That Could - (article) - Five Quarters, The St. John Historical Society Newsletter - February 2012 - You can read it here.
Why Dogs Beg (story) - Children's Writer Fantasy/Folktale first place winner - March 2010. You can read the story HERE.
Finding the Source (article) - ICL Rx for Writers - Sept. 2009
Bee: A Busy Word (article) - Fun For Kidz - May 2009
Buttons in History (article) - Stories for Children - March, 2009
Uncle Sams Camels (article) - Wee Ones, March/April 2008
Peter the Planner (story) - Stories for Children - Jan. 2008
The Nickname (story) - Summer Shorts published by Blooming Tree Press
Finding What's in Common (story) - My Friend
Z is for...Zedonk (article) - Wee Ones
Dusting Off a Dream (article) - kidmagwriters
Waiting: Acquiring Patience Through Metaphors (article) - ICL Rx for Writers
Finding and Collecting Characters (article) - ICL Rx for Writers
Hermia's Shell (story) - Spider Magazine