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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Remember the Alamo!

In this special Sunday addition I thought to take a moment to honor and celebrate those who fought and died at the Alamo 175 years ago today.

A few interesting fact:

The Alamo is in San Antonio, Texas.

Construction of the Misión San Antonio de Valero was begun in 1724. During the early 1800s Spanish soldiers garrisoned there began it to call it the Alamo in honor of their hometown Alamo de Parras, Coahuila. Alamo means "cottonwood" in Spanish.

Texians and Tehanos were allies with Mexico in its ten year struggle for independence from Spain which it finally attain in 1821

On February 23rd, 1836 the siege of the Alamo began. On March 2nd, Texas declared independence from Mexico. Four days later in a pre-dawn attack lead by Santa Anna, the Alamo fell.

Famous heroes who died include: James Bowie, William Travis, and Davy Crockett. But ALL those who died at the Alamo are Texas heroes.

On April 21st at San Jacinto Sam Houston and his troops (out numbered by nearly two to one) caught Santa Anna by surprise while he cavorted with a female. 630 Mexicans were killed compared to nine Texans. Santa Anna fled the scene and tried to disguise himself as a peasant, but a gold button glinting from beneath his rags gave him away. When he was returned to camp the 730 captured Mexican troops began to chant, "El Presidente."

Texas had won its freedom and is the only state to have been an independent country, its Lone Star flag flying at the same level as that of Old Glory.

Famous people born in San Antonio include:
Henry Thomas who played Elliot in the movie E. T.
Holly Dunn, country music artist
Joan Crawford, actress
Carol Burnett, comedian
Oliver North, Marine and political commentator.



  1. I learn more and more every day. Thanks, Bish.

  2. "Cavorted with a female." Heh. Fascinating stuff. (Wasn't Hawaii an independent country, too?)

  3. Oh, Bish, my husband LOVES the history of the Alamo. Too bad he already told me that today's the day. (He reminds me every year.) Otherwise, after reading this I'd go upstairs and tell HIM today's the day, which he'd love. :)


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