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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pet Peeves - Get codes for Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and more
I haven't done a Pet Peeve Post in a couple of years.

I not bothered by much, but SOMEtimes certain things begin to niggle at me and after a while I just can't sit on it any more.

Today's Pet Peeve is about all the eccentric, insufferable, and/or socially inept geniuses that pervade TV. 

I think it's horrible and demeaning to portray smart people in a way that makes it seem as though it is their genius that causes them to be terribly flawed.

This kind of stereotyping is bad for kids who watch this stuff. It perpetuates the idea that if you are smart you will be teased or bullied, that you will NOT be cool, that you will be disliked, misunderstood, isolated and certainly never date or have "normal" human relationships. What kid in his/her right mind would want to flaunt or pursue being smart?

Here are just a few shows that depict/have depicted dysfunctional geniuses. Some of them I actually enjoy(ed).


outcast geniuses one and all

Again, outcast geniuses one and all, particularly Sheldon.
And by the way I love this show.

Having grown up with a bonafide genius (my father) the portrayal of smart people being somewhat idiot savant-like (REALLY smart at one thing but mentally challenged in everything else) is starting to be offensive.

Besides my father, I've known many really, really smart people in my life, including Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, and not one of them was an insufferable, socially dysfunctional human being.

What shows would you add to this list? Are you getting tired of the dysfunctional genius trope too?


  1. It must be the geek in me, but I would totally date Leonard.

  2. I love the Big Bang and also Monk. To me they show that you can be really likeable even if your personalities are quirky or you have emotional issues.

  3. Sherlock is super smart, and super quirky.

  4. I couldn't agree with this more! Seriously, it makes me crazy! I've ranted on many of these shows to my students, too, lol! And I'm going to admit that I hate Big Bang, for exactly this reason. The show started off as something to celebrate those of us who are nerdy, and has really turned into a "poke fun of these weirdos"--at least imho. It just gets under my skin. I'm married to a theoretical physicist and know many more. None of them are that odd or socially inept. *Steps off of soap-box* Thanks for the post about this!! :)

  5. I have only seen Dexter out of this list, but I have heard of the others. I have a friend who is a genius and they love Big Bang. I have only seen a clip of it- not enough to judge by. I think whenever a lot of shows take the same angle about something it can get to be too much and definitely stereotypical. Lots to think about. :) Thanks!

  6. Fair point. I also don't like how many shows there are that portray fathers as idiots. I don't drool when I see a donut--mostly... :)

  7. Stuff like that usually doesn't bother me. I love Monk and Big Bang. My sister calls me Ms. Monk from time to time because I can become a little OCD about stuff. Not quite in Mr. Monk's league, though. I like the House guy, but medical shows make me a little crazy so I never watched it much.

  8. Time to sexy up smart, I say. Snort.

    Thanks for stopping by today for Blitz day!

  9. Great post and interesting insight...nerdy is sexy!

  10. Great post and interesting insight...nerdy is sexy!


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