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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Ledgers

When I was about 17 I bought the first of these two large ledgers. At 12 by 10 inches, they were
expensive, paid for with hard earned money I made from babysitting and making shell and bead jewelry that I sold in few gift shops.

Up until I got them, everything I'd written was on loose leaf paper some of which I somehow managed to save.

Once I got the first ledger I transcribed, in my tortured handwriting and spelling, the pages of loose leaf. I was thrilled to have everything in one place with plenty of pages left over to fill up.

On the first page are two poems and some sentences.

I can hear Robert Louis Stevenson all over this poem.

The Moon

The moon climbs through my window,
And rests upon my bed,
Then crawls along the ceiling
'Til it is overhead.

It slithers past my mirror
And smiles as it goes,
Then leaves by my window
And goes where, no one knows.

Here's a sentence: The only way I can think of the earth in relationship to the universe, is to think of one grain of sand on a beach.

And another: All went well until... a flea jumped on her foot. Then she screamed and fainted.

And the second poem:

Because of You

You are the object of my destination.
Because of you I write down these thoughts.
Because of you, I get this strange sensation
That tells me to drive on.

Perhaps, from time to time, I will share a few horrible jewels. The struggles of a naive teen who thought she was a writer and a poet.

What about you? Have you managed to save any writings from when you were a kid?

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