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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alternatives for And, Any, As

Alternatives is a recurring post in which I give synonyms for an over used word. Click on the tab above for a "complete" list of over used words. 

Depending on how you use it, this list may come in handy for finding another way to say the same thing. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Today's words are:  And, Any, As

Look at that, three for the price of one!

As many of you may know, and I'm sure you do, any of us can overuse these three little words. But if my list is any indication, we won't be getting rid of them any time soon.


additionally, along with, also, as a consequence, as well as
coupled with
else, etcetera
further, furthermore
in addition, in conjunction with, including
let alone, likewise
more than that, moreover
not to mention
on top of
to boot, together with, too

a bit, a little, at all
each, each and every, either
in general
one and all
part of
several, some

at/during the time that, at the time that
because, being
during the time that
for, for instance
in a way, in the act of, in the character of, in the manner that, in the process of, in the role of, in the same manner, in the same way that, in the way that, in/with referenced to, in/with regard to
on the point of, on the subject of
seeing that, since, so, so to say/speak
what, when, whereas, while, with

And with that, I'll leave you with this, from one of my writing heroes.

Last, but not least, my thanks to Christina Farley at Chocolate for Inspiration for regularly having a giveaway. I recently won CAMP, by Elaine Wolf. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Every secret has a price.

For most girls, sleep away camp is great fun. But for Amy Becker, it’s a nightmare. Amy, whose home life is in turmoil, is sent to Camp Takawanda for Girls for the first time as a teenager. Although Amy despises spending summers at home with her German-immigrant mother, who is unduly harsh with Amy’s autistic younger brother, Amy is less than thrilled about going away to camp. At Takawanda she is subjected to a humiliating “initiation” and to relentless bullying by the ringleader of the senior campers. As Amy struggles to stop the mean girls from tormenting her, she becomes more confident. But then her cousin reveals dark secrets about Amy’s mother’s past, setting in motion a tragic event that changes Amy and her family forever.

CAMP is a compelling family drama that will resonate with a wide teenage readership. It will be a strong addition to recommended reading and summer reading lists, and it is appropriate for anti-bullying programs. Mostly, though, CAMP is a mother-daughter story for mothers and daughters to share.


  1. Excellent!
    I'm going to link to your overused words page tomorrow because I think it's just awesome.

  2. Awesome alternatives! CAMP sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Great lists. And I love the Ray Bradbury video. So perfect :)

  4. Christina has been great about giving away books ... I was the Lucky recipient of A Whole Lot of Lucky, and I'll look for CAMP.

  5. Oh,wow. And is everywhere. Love the alternatives!!
    And congrats on the Camp win!

  6. I am a serial abuser of the word "and." Thank you for your support.

  7. I'm so glad you are enjoying the book! Yay! I really overuse those words. And but. I just LOVE but. I have to go through and delete and delete. Sigh.

  8. Congrats on winning CAMP.

    I love the video. One of my favorite writers is talking about my passion. :)

    Thanks for giving alternatives to those words.

  9. Fantastic list! The video is pretty awesome too. Have a nice week-end!

    Siv Maria's blog, Been there, done that...

  10. Alternatives of And: know them by heart from school essay days (always looking for another way to say and!)

  11. Camp looks fun!

    Thanks for the other words. I do misuse those words a lot.

  12. One of my crit partners is hell bent on eliminating and from his ms's. I'll have to sent him here. Nice meeting you, Bish.

    And I love Ray Bradbury. Thanks for sharing his wisdom.

  13. I never knew there were so many replacements for "and" Very nice list Bish.

  14. Great list! I know these are words that are probably overused all over the place. :)

    Camp sounds fascinating and I hope everything works out for Amy. You definitely made me curious. :)

  15. In student work, I see so much "as."

    I'm probably a bigger abuser of "and." I consider it something like "said," in that it's fairly invisible. I think I use it a lot because I'm forever linking ideas. And I start a lot of sentences with both and and but.

  16. Who'd have thought there were so many alternatives. Great post.

  17. I too loved Mr Bradbury. His stories were wicked!! AS for overuse of words - well - well is one of mine... BTW I love your top intro pic - makes me want to visit. So idyllic and peaceful... sigh....
    I shall follow your blog with interest.

  18. Thank you so much for Ray Bradbury today. He reminded me about being joyful!

    Always great to be reminded about the overuse of some words. Thanks for that, too!

  19. I appreciate the alternatives. Alex had a link to this on his blog yesterday, and as usual, I am a day late. I am going to come back and look at some of the other alternative pages. So nice to meet you. Now I need to meet Christine. (smile)

    Camp sounds like a good read. I love YA books and children's books.

  20. I would die without and I use them all the time to avoid overuse-- on many words. Although there is the time for repetition- just not those words.

  21. Hi Bish, I didn't realise there were so many ways to say "as"! Good job with these great lists.


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