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Monday, October 3, 2011

Oktoberfest Blogfest, Gift Give-Away And a New Look! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
It's time. I'm having my first blogfest. The reason? This month, on the 29th, I celebrate my fourth year blogging. AND I'm so close to having 300 Random Followers I just HAVE to CELEBRATE!

So here's the deal. The theme, obviously, is Halloween. On October 26th your challenge is to write and post, in 300 words or less (okay if it goes over no big huge deal) a real life Halloween/ghost memory or a fictional story. If you can work the number four and/or 300 into your story that would make it even more special!

To celebrate four years and 300 Random Followers I will put the names of all those who participate in my bloghop into the proverbial hat and on the 28th YOUR name could be drawn.

The winner will receive this! An ARC of Jessica Bell's book THE STRING BRIDGE scheduled for release November 1st, DOGSLED DREAMS by Terry Lynn Johnson, AND a tatted (by me) bookmark.

Join in the spooky Halloween fun, and spread the word.

I'd love to read YOUR story.

Add your name to list below and be eligible to win!

(What do you think my face-lift?)


  1. This sounds like a really cool blogfest! I really love Halloween!

  2. This sounds like fun and I'll probably do it anyway but, out of interest, is the draw for US residents only?

  3. Hope you join in Tisha. Thanks for stopping by.

    I'm taking the plunge Sarah and opening this to the world. GASP!

    Thanks Jessica!

  4. Awesome. I do like a good Halloween story or two! ;-) I've signed up.

  5. Peni, so far so good.

    Thanks Talei!

  6. Yes, I like the new look! That's such a gorgeous photo.

  7. Congratulations on the followers, Bish, you so deserve it!

  8. Fantastic blog fest idea - if I have a spare moment to pen a Hallowe'en story, I'll join in! Congrats on the blogaversary, too, and the followers!

  9. I'm terrible with this stuff, but the word count sounds doable, so count me in. I knew there was something different about the blog. :)

  10. I'm not sure if this will work out for me yet, but I will think about it this week and decide. It's always fun to do a blog fest.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  11. Thanks Mel. Lillie Maho is where our guest house was, tucked in between Big Maho and Francis Bay. It's where I walked the beach many a late night as a brooding teen-ager.

    Well, I don't know about deserve, Sangu, thanks.

    Oh I hope you can join in, Talli.

    Thanks J.L.! I'll keep reminding us of the day.

    Nancy, hope you do, the more the merrier.

  12. What a cool idea for a blogfest.

    LOL I've been following your for a while, but haven't had a chance to visit in months. Thanks for saying 'hi' on my post today. :D

  13. Okay, Bish, I'm going to try. No guarantee that what I write will be any good, though.

    Good luck with hosting your first blog hop.

  14. This is great and Spooky too! Should fun. The face-lift is very cool, Bish.

  15. I'm going to have to think about this one. I'm not very good at writing anything spooky.

  16. Cool! and i hope you get your 300 followers soon!
    BTW, come drop by my blog to claim your AWARD!


  17. I LOVE Halloween - so, of course, I'm in!! And the new blog look is great ~ :)

  18. You are welcome Stina! I'm glad I got directed to your blog.

    Yeah Angela, spooky kooky, have fun.

    Thanks Lee, I'm looking forward to reading your contribution.

    I hope you come back Patti.

    Thanks for the award, Nutschell and thanks for signing up.

    I'm expecting great things from you Donea...a dog dressed up as a little imp perhaps?

  19. Great idea, Bish! Don't know if I'll be able to enter the contest. (I already have Terry's book and Jessica's CD - just wait until you hear it!) Bet you hit 300 long before that date, though.
    You are always stopping by and I appreciate it - I will do better in the future to reciprocate.

  20. Love the new look.
    And congrats on being so close to 300. October will be a crazy busy month for me so I'm not sure I'll be able to enter the blogfest :(

  21. Yay! Happy October! And what a fun idea. I'm going to sit the blogfest out, however. I may be traveling then...

    Thankfully, I already have an ARC of String Bridge!

  22. That's a great idea but I feel like I don't have any Halloween stories. I'm going to have to think about this!

  23. Yay Bish!! I'm so happy for you and your blog--it's such a nice comforting place to be. Congrats on your followers, each one well earned!

    Love the new background!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  24. Love the new look, and what a great idea for your blogfest. Congrats on 300 followers! Woo hoo for you, Bish!

  25. 4 years of consistent blogging is definitely something to celebrate. Congrats! And I like the face lift.

  26. Thanks Lynn and Yat-Yee for joining up!

  27. fun fun! Thanks for the contest. And I love the blog face-lift! Awesome!

  28. Hi Bish, that sounds like fun. I have something spooky to post, too.

    Your blog's face lift looks good.

  29. Love the cool waters on this face lift. :)
    If I can think up a scary story, I'll enter, sounds like fun.


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