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Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day! Question of the Month, Being Thankful

That goes for us writers as well. We need a break too. Some people might not think writing is work, 

but I say nuts to them! We know differently. We know the literal and figurative blood, sweat, and 

tears that goes into producing any piece of writing. So...

Give yourself permission to take a break! Here are some suggestions of what to do.

Take a stroll by a river, 
or walk among some trees.

Relax at your favorite beach, lake, or river.

Chillax in a hammock. 

Build some cairns.

Go sailing. (Yes that's me at the tiller, with my childhood best friend Jay.)

Have fun!


I've joined this monthly bloghop because answering thoughtful/challenging/interesting questions is one way to expand one's mind and to share a little bit about myself. Hosted by Michael D'Agostino at A Life Examined, the question this month is: 

What kind of music best speaks to you?

Not fair! All kinds of music speaks to me, depending on my mood.
Classical, Jazz (in it's various styles), New Age,  Rock (in it's various styles) ... If you have the time, here are a few samplings from each.

One of my favorite pieces of  Classical.

When the band, particularly Robert Plant, exuded sexuality.

The First Lady of Song, whose ability to scat put all "modern" singers to shame.

For rest a relaxation there's nothing like Tibetan Bowls, perfect background music for Labor Day.

Being Thankful
So what am thankful for today? Nature in all its varied forms. Music in all its varied forms.
That are you thankful for? Doing anything special today? Does a particular kind of music speak to you?


  1. Not going to take the whole day off because I did that yesterday, but so important to do that sometimes. Loved your ideas for fun, inspiring things to do.

  2. I have some detail stuff to do for DLP today. We did bum around and put a puzzle together this weekend though.

    I like some New Age - Enya and Jean Michel Jarre are my favorites.

  3. Hi Bish - wonderful thoughts here and great photos - especially of you at the tiller. Love the choice of songs you've given us - the Tibetan Bowls ... someone put on a presentation for us here ... it was lovely to listen to, as well as learn about healing through sound ... cheers Hilary

  4. I would love to walk along the trees, but I'm on t feeling so good today.

    I think jazz is the one genre of music I haven't really gotten in to.

    Enjoy your labor day!

  5. I took a walk in the woods yesterday, but the outdoors is calling me as I write this. It's going to be hot and beautiful out there today. I love all kinds of music, depending on my mood. I can even get behind some rap when it's good and not touting violence against others. Enjoy your day, Bish.

  6. I played last weekend, so am working on this one. I have eclectic music tastes, too.

  7. I took yesterday off and wrote (I know that sounds backwards, but having a day to just get lost in words? Priceless!). I'm so thankful for long weekends, especially when the weather's cold and rainy so I can read and write.

  8. I couldn't ever just listen to one type of music. My moods have a range and my activities vary. There is a song to match all of the variations.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  9. After dogsitting a Yorkie who thinks he's human, I could use some relaxation. Thanks for sharing these songs. Love Ella and the bowls.

  10. Yours seems to be the answer of the month, to go along with the question. I don't see how someone can say only one kind of music speaks to them, really.

  11. Strolling by a river or walking through woods is my preferred way to relax. I love the sea but that always involves a journey of an hour or more by car – which is guaranteed to negate any benefits.
    I’m grateful for quiet places to walk while listening to bird song.
    Happy belated Labor Day I hope you found time to relax.

  12. I spent the day editing and playing League of Legends. I enjoyed it. As for music, Grieg all the way (or those choices).

  13. After having worked 24 of the weekend's 48, I slept half the day away! I wrote the other half! Nice to see a childhood photo of you. :-) Like you, my musical tastes are varied. Jazz, Celtic, Soundtracks. Oops, my kitten is demanding time to play!

  14. I love the eclectic selection of music you shared. I am a fan of all kinds of music too. :)

    Great ideas for ways to take a break. It is beautiful here- so I may go take a stroll.


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