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Monday, June 15, 2015

On Being Frustrated

I'm late getting this post out today because I'm frustrated.
9 of 365 Frustration
Usually I get my Monday and Thursday posts written and scheduled over the weekend. But this weekend getting my blog ready just slipped away from me. Truth be told, I forgot all about it.

I seem to be loosing interest in blogging. Maybe it's because I've been blogging pretty consistently since October of 2007 (that's almost 8 years....) and that this post will be the 923rd. Trouble is, I'm not even really visiting other bloggers the way I should. I struggle with Monday's post, wanting to make it meaningful. Maybe I should do what many other's have done and blog on Mondays only. I could turn Monday into something of  a crazy quilt where I post my Alternatives (or other word related stuff) mention something I'm thankful for and/or write about anything I might be inclined to share.

Seems like a real possibility to me. I could then dedicate Monday to not only posting a blog, but to visiting other bloggers and being more supportive. I would, of course, continue to post on the first Wednesday of every month for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. But other than that, unless something special comes along (a blog hop, a book promotion etc.) Mondays would be it. Plus, I have an idea for a bloghop I think any writer worth her/his salt would get a kick out doing. Maybe I could plan it for my 8th anniversary.

Any thoughts from my faithful Random Followers? I'm on the edge of giving up entirely or putting this blog to rest for an indefinite period of time. I know you can't make the final decision for me but, do you think a crazy quilt Monday would work?


  1. Hi Bish,

    I relate to your post. My blog has born in February 2007. I think it's a case of potential blogger burnout. You might not know this but for the last few months, I've found blogging exhausting, tedious and dare I say, boring.

    I think you might like to take it easy from blogging and rejuvenated. A healthy balance where you don't feel guilty about lack of action or interaction.

    You need to do what feels right for you, without putting pressure on yourself. If a crazy quilt Monday appeals to you, then go for it. Just remember to look after YOU. That's the most important aspect, my lovely friend.

    Hugs, your way,

    Gary :)

  2. That would be a good idea. That's why I only post one day a week and on Mondays. (Since they are so busy.) Do what you have to so you don't get burnt out. We'd miss you.

  3. Thanks Alex and Gary! It's "feeling" more right every minute.

  4. I've been blogging for over 10 years now and the interest wanes sometimes. Scaling back helps.

  5. Hi Bish ... you've got Anansi to look after .. and Anansi belongs here! But You can take time out ... and I honestly think if you've got a reasonable number of friends in the blogosphere - over 400 ... then relax ... switch off for 2 or 3 months .. and come back rejuvinated.

    Don't start something else unless you're sure you want to do it - I think one of the thing's about blogging is not 'over-egging' the situation ...

    As the others say .. scaling back is the thing .. or easing off and coming back once a week .. with the IWSG monthly posting ...

    Take care and see you when we see you ... cheers Hilary

  6. My concern for me, is that if I start cutting back on blog posts, it will become easier and easier to walk away from it entirely. Arlene at "Starting over..." posts something once a month, but still follows and comments on her regular followers.

  7. As a first time visitor, I obviously don't know anything about the way you usually blog, but I will say this. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and if you don't enjoy it anymore, it's time to make a change. Blogging works because you enjoy it so if only blogging on a Monday makes you enjoy it again then yes it would work :)
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

  8. 923 posts! Holy cow - that's awesome! I only blog once a week (Fridays) and although it's technically the Celebrate the Small Things hop, I generally post what I want to, which gives me a lot of freedom. It's time-consuming visiting all of my 59 hoppers, but I enjoy supporting people (and the Celebrate posts are usually short, thank goodness!). I hope you decide to scale back rather than quit.

  9. I hear you. I cut back to posting just once a week, on Wednesdays, because Mondays are always crazy at my day job and it's too hard to keep up with comments.

    As others have said, it's easy to burn out with anything one does for a long time. Scaling back does remove a lot of the pressure.

    It can help to write as many posts as you can when you have ideas, and post them during dry days (or weeks or months).

  10. I once tried to manage three blogs at the same time. I started to feel so bogged down, I lost interest. Not because I didn't blog, but because it started to feel more like work, than doing something I enjoyed. I think your idea is the best. Cut back on your blogging. A patch-work blog post sounds great.

    And if you have to. Do what I've done in the past. Take a month hiatus. I did that last year, but it ended up being three months, suddenly, I couldn't wait to start blogging again!

  11. Thanks everyone! I really appreciates your encouragement and sugeestions.

  12. As much as I love the people (like you:) I've met through blogging, I have been on the edge of wanting to give it up for a while. So I can relate. I haven't been getting around to blogs nearly like I used to. Went down to one post a week a while back, and it has been a little better.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for Alex's post. Have a good week!

  13. Hi Bish. A lot of bloggers have shared the same feeling. A blog has to be constantly re-imagined or we bore ourselves. I still prefer blogging to any other social media. I've learned to take my time and read posts properly. Amazing how enjoyable that is. Slow blogging must be the term.

    I hope you work out what's best for you.

    Denise :-)

  14. Hi Bish! I have been feeling the same way. I keep apologizing on my blog, and in comments, saying how I know I'm not being a good bloggy friend! I just can't get interested much in it anymore, but I WANT to be interested, ya know?? Some of my bloggy friends used to post interesting things every single day....but have since moved on to Facebook. ICK! I really do not like Facebook, and only got on it when "they" said I needed to, as part of my Author Platform. I do look at Facebook daily, though, but for just a few case there's any big "NEWS" I need to know about. I've kind of decided that I'm tired of "tying," in general! I barely send e-mails anymore, I'm not blogging much, don't do Twitter...I've begun to ACTUALLY HANDWRITE AND SNAIL MAIL LETTERS!! OMG! LOL. And I honestly do think often about my bloggy friends...and you are one, of course!!

  15. Oh, my gosh! I can't beleive you've made it this long! I gave up blogging twice a week after only a couple of years. I love reading and writing blogs, but I couldn't keep up with it and my writing. I think you're Quilt Monday is a good idea. You could always give it a shot and see how it works for you. Good luck to you and Congratualations on 923 posts! *applause*

  16. I've seen several bloggers scale back to once a week. You should only do what you can handle. I usually post 3 times, but some weeks I only post once or twice. Sometimes I'm just too busy and other times I don't have anything to blog about and I wouldn't want to write a post that seems forced.

  17. I'm in for a crazy quilt Monday. That's basically what I essay, a poem, something about writing, whatever comes to me. I'd just hate to see you disappear from here.

  18. I hope you found the right thing for you to do. I scaled way back because I was so busy and because, like you, I had a bit of burnout. Now I post when something interests me, like a place I visited, a good book I read, or a haiku that forms usually when I'm walking. Simple and not stressful.
    I don't want to disappear entirely (although I'm on Twitter much more), and I do miss the wonderful people met through blogging.


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