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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Decision Made

For those of you who stopped by on Monday, thank you for your input, suggestions and most of all, your encouragement.

This will be my last Thursday post, unless a bloghop, book tour/promotion or something else special, falls on a Thursday. I will continue to post the first Wednesday of every month with all the other Insecure Writers because... because (don't tell anyone) I'm a very insecure writer and I need support just like all the rest of you.

Mondays will now be a kind of crazy quilt where I will continue to post my somewhat obsessive lists of Alternatives for those pesky words we writers tend to over use.

Knowing these lists can get boring not only for me but for you, be on the look out for
ABSTRACTIONS - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Origins, posts about the origins of words and word phrases

 along with the occasional 

As well as...

Titles to Write By and

Six Impossible Things.

I can also use Mondays to continue to revisit and share stories about growing up in the Virgin Islands which is really why this blog got started in the first place.

As I don't want to stop being thankful but don't have a snappy alliterative title (unless one of you has a suggestion) I'm just going to call it Being Thankful.

There's also something called the Monday Muse tickling my brain. I don't know what it means quite yet. Perhaps it'll be a writing prompt or a 100 word drabble. Whatever it is I'm hoping it will evolve into another colorful patch.

Be assured I'm not going to post ALL of these items every Monday because that would be too much for anybody, including me. What this does is give me lots to pick from. Hopefully you'll like being surprised and will continue to come by every week just to see what that old woman with the crazy quilt  is up to this week.

Already I feel inspired.

What do you think? Does it sound like this might work? Got any thoughts/suggestions?


  1. Hi Bish,

    Could I of possibly got here before Alex?

    Bish, my kind friend, I can tell by optimism within your posting that Mondays will be your incentive day. It seems that this will make you the most comfortable incorporating your various themes on Mondays.

    I'm sure this will work for you because this seems like the kind of balance you need. That's the most important aspect.

    Have fun and my only suggestion to you is that you don't put pressure on yourself.

    Enjoy your day, Bish.

    Gary :)

  2. Gary, you beat me!
    Sounds like a great plan, Bish. I like the mix of things you will be offering. And thanks for sticking with the IWSG on Wednesdays.

  3. Glad to see you will be sticking around. I like the Monday Muse theme. See you next Monday. :)

  4. Ooooo, THREE men visitors!

    Gary, you have it just right. I do feel optimistic and re-energized. Pressure? What pressure? No pressure at all. Seriously, I mean that. It's about having fun.

    Alex, I won't be going away any time soon, Lord willing.

    Jeffrey, Who knows what the Monday Muse will turn into, if anything at all. At worst, it'll fizzle out, and best it will be FUN!

  5. There seems to be a mini-epidemic concerning blogging. Glad you figured out what will work for you. I am going thru something similar. changed the look of the blog and will now post only when I feel like it. Not sure if that will work or not. Good luck!

  6. I keep meaning to sign up for the IWSG but I'm just too much of a coward, lol. I guess this means I'm a good candidate. I'm enjoying your variety of awesome ideas Bish. I've been blogging for eight years too. For me the fun and excitement is still alive because I'm still exploring and learning. Stay hungry friend.

  7. Your blog posts will be missed, but then, I'll be excited when I see your name.
    I have been blogging for 5 years now (did it go so fast?) and have learned so much about writing. For that love, my posts will still be up on MWF, with commenting between.
    See you around the corner!

  8. The power of words is fascinating. Curiously, not every proposition is true or false apparently which is why words, statements etc are fascinating. PS - I nominated you as a creative blogger passing the happy vibes around. I hope you don't mind. I posted more details in my most recent blog post.

  9. I'm glad you decided to stick to blogging. I know it's been hard for the last year or so. I know once I started publishing, it became all about writing. And Blogging tends to interfere with that (as it also encompasses Tweeting, and FBing, and all kinds of other social media). However, I'm glad you're going to be around.

    And sorry I haven't actually been around myself, but I've been writing, and cleaning, and painting. Three things that aren't necessarily conducive to blogging.

  10. I missed your Monday post, so I went back and read it, then after reading this one, here's what I have to say.

    Great Idea!

    I too have become frustrated with blogging. time just seems to be speeding up or slipping away or maybe it's that I don't move as fast as I used to, but whatever I never have enough time to do the things I want. Now that the weather is nice, once I get outside, I don't want to come back in and sit in front of the computer. All of this and the fact that another blogger attacked me mercilessly recently, had really gotten me to thinking of just chucking it all (blogging. With some encouragement from friends I've decided to stick with my Battle of the Bands posts on the first and the fifteenth of each month with the follow up posts showing the results on the seventh and twenty-first. Add to that the first Wednesday of the month IWSG posts and that's five times per month. I think I can do that.

    Anyway...having said all of that, I will plan on coming around on Mondays to see what you have to say. Your Crazy Quilt idea intrigues me and I always find your posts fun and interesting. And, of course, you know I love your stories about the VI.

    As always, I appreciate your continued support of BOTB. You are one of my regular voters who always has some insight to contriubte that is trruly enjoyable.


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