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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alternatives and Thankful Thursday

Alternatives is a recurring post in which I give synonyms for an over used word. Click on the tab above for a "complete" list of over used words.

Today's word is: Effective

I can't say that effective has ever been on my personal list of overused words, but when I originally began collecting words it's one that came up so, not wanting to leave someone elses pet word out, I thought I'd best include it. 

Depending on how you use it, this list may come in handy for finding another way to say the same thing.

able, accomplished, active, actual, adept, adequate, applicable

be firing on all cylinders, businesslike

capable, cogent, compelling, competent, consummate, convincing, current

direct, dispatch, do the trick,does what it says on the tin dynamic

effectual, efficacious, efficient, emphatic, energetic, ergonomic, essencial, experienced, expert

feasible, fire, forceful/forcible, fruitful, functional

hard-hitting, having lead in, helpful, hyperefficient,

impelling, implied, impressive, in effect, in execution, in force, in operation


labor-saving, light, live

masterly, miraculous, moving

on the ball, operative, ortganized

pencil, persuasive, playing hardball, potent, powerful, powerhouse, practicable, practical, practiced, proactive, producing, productive, proficient, punch/punchy

real, realizable, resultant, rough and ready, run/go like clockwork

serviceable, serving, skilled/skillful, smooth, snappy, sound, striking, strong, sufficient

tacit, technical, telling, timesaving, together, treat, trenchant, trick, try

ultraefficient, unacknowledged, usable, useful

valid, valuable, versed, veteran, virtual, virtuoso, virtuous

weighty, well oiled, well tried, wicked, with dispatch, work like a charm, work wonders/miracles, workable, working, worth, worth your salt


If you'd like, to HERE to hear a youngster named Jannah Bolin sing The 7 Habits of Effective People. Pretty cool.


I've been delinquent with these posts due to the A to Z Challenge. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
Every Thursday, from now until I don't know when, I'm going to express my thankfulness, for at least ONE something.

I've chosen a picture of the Deep Field to remind us all of how precious and rare this tiny ball of dirt, that we call Earth, is. 

This is it. It's all we've got Let us be kind to Earth and each other. Let us be THANKFUL for what we have.

Today I'm thankful for Coral Reefs.

They are vital to the health of the planet.
48-EastTimor-Dive1 Behau Village 19 (Emperor Angelfish Juvenile)-APiazza

And yet they are dying.
Aluterus scriptus (Scribbled leatherjacket)

Their beauty cannot save them.
Coral fiji moturiki.jpg
Only we can. And while we make plans to go to the moon and to Mars, less than 10% of the oceans have been explored. We know so little about our home, why do we need to go to places where we cannot live? Earlier this month, off the coast of Puerto Rico (the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean) scientist captured images of new creatures that have yet to be named.

Check it out.

Today I'm thankful for coral reefs.


What are you thankful for?


  1. That's really cool so many experts can be involved in that deep sea exploration. Smart to put a chat room to good use.

  2. I love the pics of the reefs. There are a lot of them where I live on the Red Sea. So many beautiful varieties of fish. Definitely something to be grateful for. :)

  3. I came by today, hoping for a bit of warmth and Caribbean Sun. You never fail to disappoint. I woke up here, in the High Sierra to 4 inches of snow on May 15th, are you kidding me?

    I am so thankful for my time in the Caribbean and the wonders (especially of the sea) that I was able to experience there. I feel a sadness when I think about the devastation of the coral reefs. They provide a beauty beyond comparison.

  4. Ocean life is beautiful and mysterious.

    Great alternatives.


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