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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Mother's Day Tribute

I know, yesterday was Mother's Day, but do I care? No, I don't. Here's to all the mothers who contributed to my DNA.

On my father's side
My great great great grandmother,
Sallie Carver Haught, mother of:

 My great great grandmother,
Sarah Haught Miller, mother of my grandfather 
James Munroe Miller who married:

My great grandmother,
 Eliza Vincent Miller
mother of:

my grandmother
Sarah Eliza Miller Denham ( later changed her name to Vivian)
mother of my father, John Stanford Denham

On my mother's side

My great grandmother
Berta Chase Hartwell, mother of:

My grandmother
Erva Hartwell Boulon, mother of:

My mother, Erva Claire
sitting on the lap of my OTHER great grandmother
Claire Boulon who was the mother of my grandfather, Paul Boulon, Sr.

And finally,
my mother, Erva Claire Boulon Denham
who's birthday is tomorrow, the 12th.
Happy Birthday, Mom.
I'm blessed to have so many pictures. Particularly those on my father's side that go back so far thanks to the efforts of my cousin, Laura, who has been researching the family genealogy.

How far back can you trace your roots? Do you have any pictures of your ancestors?


  1. I have some pictures of my ancestors, but not as many or as far back as you. :-)

  2. Loved all your pictures. It's amazing you have so many. And Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. That is awesome you have so many pictures. Happy birthday to your mom.

  4. That's a wonderful tribute to a long line of super women leading up to and included in your life.

  5. What a great post! Amazing pictures, and I love the one of your mom. :) ~ Jess

  6. Super post, to see the family line and resemblances!
    I have photos that go back some distance and Fortunately, my mom wrote who they were.

  7. This is awesome! I had pictures of my two grandmothers and my father's grandmothers, but they vanished during one of my many moves in the US. I wish I still had those pics. It's wonderful to know your ancestors. It gives you a better idea of "who" you are if you know who they were.


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