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Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Maho Bay

For this, my fourth year doing the challenge, I've decided to share place names from the Virgin Islands. For such a small spot in the ocean, it seems like every rock, cove, hill and house has been christened. The names are a unique mix of Spanish, Danish, French, Dutch, English, and African to name a few.

Maho Bay, St. John
Which contains within it- right to left -  Francis Bay, Lillie Maho, and Big Maho. 

Mary's (or Mary) Point is to the left of Francis Bay. The rock cliffs at the very tip of the point are streaked with red. There was a story I heard as a kid that, at the end of slave revolt in 1733, the slaves who refused to surrender gathered at Mary's Point and jumped off staining the rocks with their blood. They did indeed commit suicide rather than give up, but they didn't do it at Mary's Point.

Other M Names:
Mamey Peak, St. John: It is1147 feet and is named after a fruit tree. The mamey apple is now hard to come by, but oh so delicious.
Mennebeck Bay, St. John: A lovely picture awaits the person who clicks the link.

Mermaid's Chair, St. Thomas is a sandbar that connects St. Thomas to Little St. Thomas.

Market Square, St. Thomas where we used to get our fresh produce every Saturday and where a quarter of a million human beings were bought and sold.

The Mangrove Lagoon, St. Thomas. Along with it being a marina harboring many boats it is filled with wild life... can be seen here. White herons in the mangrove trees

Mandahl, St. Thomas

 Me at Mandahl with our dog, Happy, when I was about 15 or so.

Margaret Hill, St. John. This view of Cruz Bay was taken from about half-way up Margaret Hill

Morning Star, St. Thomas. This little video was taken on a day when there  was a bit of a sea running.

Magens Bay, St. Thomas at 7 in the morning.


  1. Oh, that was a nice virtual visit for me. I especially liked viewing the herons in the tree. Thanks for the tour of Maho Bay.
    Don't be a Hippie
    Take 25 to Hollister

  2. Wow, it's almost overwhelming how much beauty there is in these pics and videos. So funny to think the slave trade went on in a place that later sold fresh fruit - we shouldn't ever forget the mistakes we made...

  3. i lived in Puerto Rico for a year and never made to any of the Virgin Islands. Every time we tried something came up and we couldn't go.

    Dropping by from A to Z. This is my first year participating and I am having a blast.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  4. One of the things I love best about these islands is the culture. It's not just some beautiful beach somewhere.

  5. I love the old market square. There's one like it in Charleston, SC.

  6. Another great vacation treat for me, Bish. Loved seeing your photo with Happy, too.

  7. We visited Maho Bay in 2006 with friends who have been back every year since then. I've also got some beautiful photos of St John and St Thomas. - Belinda.

  8. So lovely! I left one of the videos open just so I could hear the waves.

  9. It looks so peaceful and serene. And you are the sweetest little girl on the whole Island.

  10. What a beautiful-looking place!

  11. Love the sound of the sea in those videos. I'm fortunate enough to fall asleep to it every night and wake up to the same every morning.

  12. Stopping by on the A to Z. What a beautiful place. The ocean is one of my favorite spots. Love the little videos that brought the sounds and sights right into my home. Thanks for sharing!


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