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Thursday, August 4, 2011

If it ain't raining...'s pouring cats and dogs. I wish.

Ah the trials and tribulations of being a home owner. I wouldn't change that, but sometimes...SOMEtimes, it'd be nice to be able to call up the landlord and tell him/her to get over here and FIT it.

First the stove went out. It's a 26 year-old Roper gas stove and I love it. You know how you tend to use one burner more than any other on a stove? Well, that's the one that got burned out. Can't be replace, parts aren't available for it any more. BUT, we know of this place in Hollywood, California that's like a stove hospital. Victor had helped us out before and he helped us out again. Got a refurbished (not new) burner. All fixed right?


The regulator in the stove itself went bad. But not to worry, we found a place to get the part and it's been ordered. It isn't here yet and I'm prepared for it to be the wrong one. In which case we may have to buy a new stove. (I'm NOT looking forward to THAT.) In the mean time I'm "cooking" with a nifty old electric skillet and the microwave. I miss my stove.

But that's not all folks.

Got up last Sunday to find the carpet in The Other Room was all wet and soggy. The Other Room is our office, the place where I write, where we have the computer, where we have three bookcases, where I do the ironing and work on crafts. It is also the place where various miscellaneous items and pieces of paper and magazines and books go to get lost. Turned out the water was coming from our ancient air conditioner.'s gonna have to be replaced. Huge expense. We've got air for the time being, but who knows for how long? And with this scorching Texas summer we simply can't be without it. Anyway, we had to move, two full-sized bookcases and a dresser to get at the soggy carpet so we could shop-vac it and towel it and put the fans on it so it could dry out.

The Other Room, normally somewhat cluttered but navigable, became near impenetrable what with the boxes filled with books and other precious stuff that we'd forgotten we had. The up side is that when I/we put it all back together it'll be a good excuse to thoroughly clean and dust and throw stuff out.
Breathing a sigh of relief? Nope...the cellphone died.


  1. I'm currently renting a place and the owner does help us out with things around the place, but I do dream of the day I own my own house!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Aww, why is it that things never happen just one at a time?

    I've got rooms that look like that at the moment so I feel for you, (although mine are self-inflicted). Hope you can save the stove!

  3. I've always found it true that when something breaks several more things are too follow. It's cruel isn't it?!!!

    I do hope it's fixed! The Texas summers are EXTREMELY brutal. Walking outside and I'm already sweating! It's only 7AM!

  4. Bish,
    Boy oh boy, Mercury retrograde is certainly giving you the double whammy. So sorry. There's always enough to do without adding new house problems.
    One summer our AC went out when we were away.... when we lived in Florida. OMG.... what a mess. Everything was green with mold. I don't need AC in Montana. We most need "heat" here. Ha

  5. Ohhh! Sorry to laugh at your expense, but this did give me a chuckle. At our house, it's the rule of threes--if one appliance breaks down, we can expect two more to need fixing very soon. I agree, it would be great to have a landlord at times like this. Good luck.

  6. I often think a "Super" like they have in New York is just the ticket for me. From the leaks in the roof to the cracked and moldy tile in the bathroom . . . . on and on. This house maintenance is the pits.

    Sorry about all of this, Bish. Hope you sort it out and get a break for a few months.

  7. How awful! I'm so sorry about all that. You must be pulling out your hair. Here's to hoping a rainbow breaks through all that rain.

  8. Definitely a case of 'If it ain't one thing, it's another.' Hope you get through the summer without the a/c conking out.

  9. Oh! No! Am sending you relaxing thoughts.

  10. Oh no, Bish! That just plain sucks. I hear you on the trials and tribulations of being a home owner (or flat owner, in our case!). Sometimes it sucks!

  11. I hope that's IT for a while. I have to agree that I'd love a landlord to fix things at times. I'm not mechanically inclined at all and DH isn't much better. When we decide we're too old to deal, we definitely plan to rent. Sometimes I'm jealous of my mom whose apartment building has the nicest maintenance guys.

  12. Oh that's horrid luck! I hope things look up for you soon. :-)

  13. Yikes! It always seems like when one thing breaks or goes bad, several other follow it. Or it's like cars and appliances sense you might have just gotten paid and they decide now is a good time to break down. Good luck with everything, Bish!


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