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Monday, August 8, 2011


For those who want to know, we got a new AC/heater unit put in and are breathing a sigh of relief. The old one was indeed totally disgusting. I guess we're lucky it didn't quit completely before we were able to get a new one installed.

Once I started putting The Other Room back together I knew I was in for the long hall, that it was going to end up being one of those deep cleans. I started in the small walk-in closet. We had to pull a dresser out of it so we could dry the carpet due to the water leaking from the old AC unit. Cleaned out the closet on Friday and got the dresser back in. Now both of us can actually be in there together at the same time have room to turn around!

I tackled the rest of The Other Room over the week-end. The bookcases, along with all their books and magazines, are back in place everything dusted and clean. There's still work to be done, but the worst is out of the way.

But here's the interesting thing. It's all about boxes.

Most of what needed to be cleared out of the closet was boxes. Empty boxes. You see, both my sweetie and I have this thing about boxes. You never know when you're going to need one and you never know what size you're going to need. So, hey, let's keep this one and this one and this one (ad nausium) because, well, you never know....

When Stan saw how many boxes came out of the closet he was as amazed as myself. How did we manage to stuff so many boxes into that small space? It was inspirational. We decided to pull boxes from other places. The garage, the attic, the storage shed.

And this my dears, is the result. The whole back of the pick-up truck, filled.
Boxes within boxes within boxes within boxes. Everything from small little jewelry boxes to great big boxes into which we could put our 100 pound dog (who by the way has a bit of a phobia about big boxes and doesn't like being near them.)

We did keep a few select boxes, because, well, you never know.... I hope they don't somehow share DNA and magically reproduce.

Is there anything you secretly or unconsciously or even consciously sort like, hoard?


  1. Oh my goodness! And I thought I was bad! I hoard old manuscripts. I'm not sure why I save all the stacks and stacks of drafts, but I can't seem to part with them!

  2. I finally saw HP7 yesterday and your multiplying boxes remind me of the multiplying trinkets in the Gringott's vault. I'm not much of a hoarder, although my large collection of coffee mugs is slowly taking over the kitchen cabinets.

  3. I'm having the exact same problem at the moment. I wish I'd thought to take a picture before I started breaking them all down.

  4. I started a major decluttering recently and I so could've used some of those boxes!

    As I was cleaning out stuff, I discovered I have A LOT of pens and pencils. See this upcoming Friday's post about that!

  5. First, I'm jealous of AC. My husband, that Frenchman, won't hear of it. I FINALLY bought ice trays to make ice. I'm the only one who uses it! As for hoarding, I use to. Now, I pack light!

  6. We save boxes too, although I think you have us beat. When we moved from our townhouse to our current house, I found oodles of candles. It was actually a little disturbing.

  7. Crazy! So many boxes! I like to horde books- grin.

  8. I bet you feel so good about getting that chore done! And holy boxes!!!
    This is TMI, but when I was a teen, I'd leave my empty maxipad boxes in my closet til there was no room. I was too lazy to throw them out. I still get teased about my "collection." I told you it was too much information! :)

  9. Nope, I'm not a hoarder or a squirrel (except when it comes to books and now that I have my kindle I feel the throwing out urge every time I walk past the library!)

    Husband, on the other hand, (and my Mom & sister) are hoarders of note. And they panic every time I get close to their cupboards with that throwing out gleam in my eye...
    Judy, South Africa

  10. I hoard all sorts of things. As a kid I collected plastic spoons (I have no idea why). I do like boxes too and your collection is impressive ;)

  11. This is pretty weird, but I have tons of Neosporin and hydrogen peroxide (two active boys and lots of boo boos) I have them all over, in the bathrooms, pocketbook, car, everywhere.

    And books. And shoes. Can't have enough of either. What a strange mix!

  12. WOW! That's a lot of boxes!

    I don't know if I've ever started hoarding anything. I'm going to go check my closet. ;)

  13. LOL I can't wait to tell my husband! Every time he wants to pitch a box I say, "It's a nice box; we might need it. Just put it in the garage." Haha! We've got a bunch of boxes, but nowhere near as many as you. Now I'll be able to tell my hubby my box collecting tendencies are pretty tame. :)

  14. Bish, your post had me laughing as I tend to "collect" boxes, too (eek, I never use the word "hoard"--that would be too scary). My motto is: One never knows when one might need a nice box. Especially around holiday times. I bet it felt great to clean up and get rid of some of that cardboard. ; )

  15. Wow, if you were moving, you'd be all set with all the boxes you'd need! I save smaller boxes, the ones I can mail my books in. I also save all the broken eyeglasses I've had for the past three years or so. I'm always losing my reading glasses, so I buy them at the dollar store and stock up. They're cheap and break so easy, but I've been saving them to make a collage or some crazy piece of art! I must have 30 pairs! I hoard old manuscripts, too, and have a couple boxes of them and other papers waiting to shred, but I never find the time to do that. I hope you're enjoying the new air conditioner!

  16. Ironically we had a box issue in our house too...until we started watching Hoarders. Then, it sort of got under our skin, the way some one these people lived, and got us thinking about things we hang onto with no rhyme or reason. A month of watching Hoarders and bam, we went thought our basement and got rid of everything we didn't need or use.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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