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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

I'm a bit late getting this up. I have my helping to care for a friend who's had surgery. (Nothing life threatening, she'll be fine.)

Today's quote is from my favorite American heroine, Abigail Adams.
She said: Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.

I think I see determination and self-reliance lingering around her lips. Yet there is a wistfulness about her eyes as if she is staring off into the distance, into a future that she can catch glimpses of and sense what will come. Think of all the years she spent parted from her beloved John. What strength she had, what fortitude. She took care of their farm, raised and educated their children, dealt with illness and the hardships of the Revolutionary War.

And she did it all without our "modern conveniences." No cell-phone, no computer, no electricity, no microwave, no refrigerator or freezer, no heat or AC. The list of what she didn't have is long.

What she did have was ardor and diligence.

How well would we do if we were in her shoes? How diligent are you, strong is your ardor?


  1. I don't know. Abigail Adams was amazing. But I'd like to think we're all capable of more than we realize.

  2. I love the intelligent look captured by the portrait artist. Yes, I would have liked to have known Abigail.
    I can't help thinking that one reason modern conveniences are on your mind is your recent flurry of breakdowns. I do hope all is calm now.

  3. Abigail Adams was a saint, that is all there is to it. She put up with John Adams, supported his political ambitions, and struggled with determination. Amazing woman.

  4. How well would we do in her shoes? Better than we think, I believe. She just happens to be the famous example of many like her. Having what we have, we would not want to go back there; I certainly wouldn't. But every generation deals with life as it is, and we'd've done okay because that was life. People are already wondering what "you all" did without computers, the internet, and cell phones.

    But I would NOT want to wear all those clothes and not have A/C.

  5. I read Adam's biography and admired what the author had to say about Abigail who really held down the fort a lot during her marriage.

    She definitely had ardor and diligence. I'd add courage to that list of qualities as well.

    If I had to step back into Abigail's time I'd be hard pressed to manage half of what she did, but then I'd have to forgive myself a bit because I'm used to all of those "conveniences." Losing those would take some getting used to. I'd be interested in seeing what a Revolutionary Me might be capable of.

    Thanks for the chance to consider all of that, Bish.

  6. I adore Abigail Adams! Such a strong, intelligent, insightful woman. And yes, what she endured is inspiring. I marvel at the story of how she "inoculated" her children against small pox (without John's knowledge, I believe). I think I am pretty diligent, but I doubt I could measure up to Abigail.


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