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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writing Prompts - Communal Poetry

Here's a fun one.

Where two or more are gathered together a poem can emerge. Write down a list of subjects, like dog, cat, tree, ocean, slug, flower, worm. One person picks the subject matter and writes it at the bottom of the page, then writes a line usually between 10 and 15 beats (but feel free to use as many as you want) folds the paper over so what is written can’t be seen and passes it to the next person, who writes a line, folds the paper and passes it on. Each person writes a line on the chosen subject. When everyone has written a line, miraculously a poem will emerge.

My best friend and I wrote this one, passing the paper back and forth between ourselves.


Soft rolling waves
The waves of cleansing waters fill me with belonging
Aquamarine, emerald, and lapis lazuli
You know, the mighty Ocean was here way before you and I
Silver moonlight scattered on wave tips
Riding the tides down memory lane to the depths of the sunless floor
Womb mother of all life
All the fish and birds of the sea shall rise up in celebration of change


  1. Thanks for all the writing prompts. Very helpful!

  2. Hey! Bish. Loved the lapis lazuli.

  3. It's amazing that each line is written without being able to see what preceded it! Love it.

  4. That reminded me of writing poetry with my then 13 year old who was a crazy reader, but did not dig poetry. I would write a line, then him, then me until we were satisfied with it. We wrote some really beautiful verses. Thanks for the prompt!


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