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Monday, May 31, 2010

Writing Prompts - Being Someone Else

Assume a persona, a lonely woman, an angry man, a stubborn child, a store clerk, a bank teller, anyone, and then write a first person confession, where he/she confesses something they’ve never told anyone.

I never told this to no one, really. And you gotta believe me when I say I ain't never gonna tell this again to no one, so you better listen up. I was like 6 maybe 7 years old and this old man dies and my ma, well she took my brother and me to the people's house to pay our respects and all. When we got there people were like all talkin' quiet and sippin' on cups of coffee and eatin' little sandwiches. And there, in the livin' room, restin' on some chairs, was the casket and it was open and we could just barely see the old man, deader than anything dead I'd ever seen before which amounted to that rabbit my dog caught and mutilated. I mean it wasn't like I didn't know what dead was, I did. Anyway, people were standing around outside on the porch and in the kitchen and in the dining room, talking soft and commiseratin' with the old man's old lady. But nobody was going into the living room where the old man was. So me and my brother we decided we wanted to get a closer look. It didn't take long 'til my ma was quietly talkin' with a couple of her women friends and my brother and I were able slip away unnoticed like. Which we did and we snuck into the living room. Now my brother was 10 and a bunch taller than me and he could see right into that casket. But me, I had to climb up on one of the chairs to look inside. Which I did. So there we were looking at the dead old man when, I swear to God Almighty, cross my heart, that the old man opened his eyes looked right at me and my brother and smiled. Well you never heard noise like our screeching screams. But the worst of it was in my mad scramble to get down off that chair I some how upset the delicate balance of the casket and...well I guess you get the picture. It tipped right over and crashed to the floor and out spilled the old man. You can imagine the noise and ruckus of people hollering and scrambling and our ma yelling and dragging us away and demanding to know what in the Lord Jesus' name were we doing and just wait 'til I get you home I'm gonna tan your hide. Which she did. But me and my brother, we never did tell anyone what it is we both saw clear as a bell with our very own eyes, until now.


  1. Bish,
    You managed to amuse even with a very exciting and spooky confession.

    What I liked most of all was the character's voice.

  2. I have thought about doing something like this, but making the confessions more socially unacceptable whether it was nose picking or cheating or shop lifting...the whole point trying to win forgiveness from the reader for the narrator's 'crime' with the perfect confession.

    Good job, I was wondering WHAT was going to happen...did they do something to the body, did the body do something. I'd be scrambling away too. LOL

  3. Fabulous Bish! I love this.
    And I'm one of those people you meet on the bus and will confess my biggest sins. Because I know I will never see that person again.

  4. Love it! I could see it as it fell. Good description.

  5. Great post, Bish. It sounds like an awesome activity too. It's always interesting to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

  6. The coffin upsetting and the old man spilling out...hilarious.

    Great idea to have writing prompts. High school students would love these activities in writing class.

  7. Fun exercise...I enjoyed that story - and the character is very believable.

  8. liked most of all was the character's voice.
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  9. Bish:
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