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Monday, June 7, 2010

Writing Prompts - Connecting Words

Make lists of random words under the following headings:

Profession: doctor, teacher, cook, brick layer
Verbs: run, write, ride, chopped
Colorful things: sunset, red rose, pinata, lavender
Adjectives: three, perfect, sweet, hot
Animals: dog, mouse, cat, horse
Any subject: love, pencil, knife, party

At random choose any number of words you would like from each category. Write a sentence or a paragraph. The words you pick must show up somewhere in the writing.

Example: How sweet, the brick layer gave his kid a horse pinata for her birthday which she promptly chopped to pieces with an axe.


  1. The lantana hedge was scratchy, smelly and buzzing with bees. It was really dense too, so I didn't see the rock when I jumped into it. I didn't see the snake either.

  2. I saw the teacher with her dog, running down the beach, hot and sweaty in the lavender sunset meeting her perfect doctor boyfriend whom she loves on the other side at a party.

    That's what you get at 6:46 am and only one cup of caffeine. LOL.

  3. I was like what the heck until I saw your example. Great post, great idea!

  4. The teacher absentmindedly chopped the last pencil in her drawer with the blunt scissors while staring at the red rose the principal gave her after he told her there were more cutbacks and she would have to be let go.

  5. As soon as the cook decided to run out into the garden for more lavender to mix up a batch of sweet cookies, the cat invited friends into the kitchen for a party.

    How great is that?

  6. This is fun and such a great way to get the writing muscles loosened up. Thanks, Bish!

  7. LOL. What a way to get a great opening sentence and maybe kick off an entire book.


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