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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Writing Prompts - Anagrams

Write down your name, or anyone’s name and make a list of words found within the name. Using as many words as you want, write a sentence or paragraph. Better yet, write a story.
Here's an example.

Alfred E. Newman
red, man, men, lewd, elf, raw, freed, new, flew, flaw, Fred, name, near, real, feel, reed, reef, read, deaf….

Fred couldn't believe his eyes. Maybe his glasses were flawed. Was that really a elf snorkeling the reef? If it was, he was being lewd because his bare bottom bobbed above the surface of the water. He yelled for his wife to come look but she was either deaf or reading the newspaper because she didn't answer. He flew down to the beach and stared out at the water. Standing in the sand red-faced and panting he said, "I gotta stop eating raw meat. That's not an elf, it's Alfred E. Newman!"


  1. What fun! I need to dust off my anagram-making skills!

  2. That was good! I'm brain-dead right now or I'd give it a go, too.

  3. I'm so bad at these, especially today with the end of a flu still clinging to my synapses.

    Will give it a go when I'm back to "normal." *Family laughing in background.*

  4. So fun! I don't do so well on anagrams but it's good practice.


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