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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arctic Blast of January 2010

It's cold here this morning in south-central Texas. 11 degrees. As far as my husband and I can tell from our weather records (we've been keeping them since like 1989) it's the coldest we've ever seen. We stepped outside to experience it.

And saw...

...that stars had fallen on our lawn in the night. Or maybe the sparkles are diamonds, scattered by the winter fairies.

Whatever they are, the glittering lights on the brown grass are beautiful. However, I'm content to look at the lovely light-show from our kitchen window.

I hope all of you are snug and warm. Care to join me for a cup of hot tea? Or hot cocoa?


  1. Hot cocoa for me, please! Do you have any marshmallows to put on it?

  2. The south is really getting a cold freeze! Lucky for you, it won't last too long. I've got a long couple of cold winter months ahead of me! :) And yes, I'd love a cup of tea, thank you!

  3. I feel mean for saying, but it's in the 70s here in SoCal. There are some clouds about, too, so that the sunsets are gorgeous. Everybody, keep warm!

  4. it's snowy cold here too - had to push my car down the driveway and use MUCH CARE on the roads.

    We made it to town & my teenager was thrilled that the stores weren't crowded. My little one & I found the ice rink mostly empty.

    Our rewards for braving the weather!

  5. It was 11' here this morning also and I had to go out and get groceries...good news was...everyone else was smart enough to stay in bed, so the store wasn't crowded at all...grin...

  6. Sounds like we could all use a cup of hot cocoa!

  7. It's been freezing here for the last few days, so the chinook we experienced today was heaven!

  8. Sounds lovely! We have snow here too in Seoul. We arrived last night for a big surprise. It rarely snows much here because it's so dry. I'll do both tea and hot chocolate!


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