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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott McKenzie

Today is Scott McKenzie's birthday.

After many years of working hard to make the big time, Scott McKenzie became an “over night” sensation with the song, “If You’re Going to San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear a Flower in Your Hair)”.

Sudden fame brought with it a certain amount of stress and he realized he needed a break. He chose to escape to St. Thomas where, even if he were recognized, he wouldn’t be hounded. What was special/weird/neato/keen/far-out man is that he stayed with some friends of his who just happened to be my high school psychology teacher and her husband, my art teacher.

Scott spent many months in the islands between 1968 and ’69. Sometimes he came to our psych class and sang us a few songs.

He also came to our Junior/Senior prom which is when he gave me the post card pictured above. He was, by that time, such a fixture, it never occurred to me to ask him to autograph it. The coffee stain ring happened that night.

In June of 1969, I invited my teachers and Scott to my 19th birthday party, a week-end affair held at our guest house on St. John at Lille Maho. The invitation was accepted. Scott arrived with guitar in tow. We all had a grand time. At one point he asked my sister and me for advice on a song he was working on. Did it need something more, an extra verse or two perhaps? After he sang it to us, we assured him it was beautiful just as it was. I like to think he took our advice, for when he returned to the states the song became the title track of his second album, “Stained Glass Morning,” and he had left it just as he had sung it to us.

But the true highlight of the evening came when he gave me his birthday present. He sat me down, then sat in front of me and sang a song by Donovan called, “Celeste.” The world disappeared as he looked directly at me and no one else, his clear and beautiful tenor caressing my ears. Never before, and never since, have I been so intimately serenaded.

Below is a video of Donovan singing his song, "Celeste."

Thanks, Scott, for giving me one such a wonderful memory, truly a gift that keeps on giving. And Happy Birthday, here’s hoping this day finds you well and that you are content.

Scott singing his big hit.


  1. Did you change your header? It's lovely.

  2. Why yes, Christina, I did. Thanks!

  3. Oh, what a moment that must have been for 19-year-old you--to be serenaded with such a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing that memory.

  4. Lovely memory! The post card is so vintage. It definitely has a story behind it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes Tricia and what a 19 year old I any other in so many ways, and so different.

    Vintage! I have to laugh VS as it makes me vintage as well. :O

  6. Wow! You had the most fabulous childhood that I've ever heard of. You just need to write books about that!

    Awesome memory!

  7. Oh, that's beautiful. When my husband and I met, and fell in love, he serenaded me ... he still does. Looooove it.

    You know you've had an unusual childhood to talk with people like Scott or Openheimer ...

  8. What a great post! What a great 19th birthday! I love this story. And happy birthday to Scott McKenzie.

  9. I know I keep saying it, but you had one of the most exciting and wonderful childhoods of anyone I know! I'm always in awe when I read your blog...Hugs...


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