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Friday, November 6, 2009

Colors of the Virgin Islands - Flowering Plants - Part Two

As of yesterday I am 13, 473 words into NaNo!

And here is some eye candy.


Close up.
Night Blooming Ceres, a vining cactus.

Yellow hibiscus

Avocados and peppers at Gladys's Restaurant. A favorite place to eat. I always get her pan-fried old wife (a fish) or her curried goat. Note breadfruit by the peppers.

Bougainvillea and yellow alamanda.

Bulburgis. And I'm probably not spelling it right! It looks like a fireworks display.


  1. Gorgeous, thanks. I used to have a night blooming ceres and I loved the surprise when you'd walk out and see it had burst open.
    Your NaNo numbers have me in total awe. You must be channeling those characters and they must be loving you! Can't wait to hear what this story is about when you are ready to spill.

  2. Delight for the eyes and inspiration for the mind. I see why you can keep up with the NaNoWriMo, Bish.

  3. I needed that with only gray and green here ...

    13K already. Woman, you're on fire!

  4. Thanks! This story with it's nine characters has totally taken over and is falling from my fingers almost faster than I can type! It's prooving to be a fun romp.

  5. It has been cloudy and cold here the last couple of days, so thank you for bringing some color back into my days...Hugs...

  6. Stunning! I'm so impressed with the colors your camera picked up. Great job on your NaNo

  7. The pictures tell their own story. Just gorgeous.

  8. Oh, beautiful! I'm so behind on blogs. I need to catch up. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Bish!


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