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Monday, November 9, 2009

Homophonic Monday - U, V, W, X and Nothing for Z

My NaNo word count stands at...(drum roll please) 22,258.

This is the end of Homophonic Monday. I hope, if nothing more it's been a bit humorous and/or interesting.

You're sure to be able to find your way, unlike those in the days of yore, or wore armor when they went to war; the compasses went crazy!

unix, eunuchs
URL, e’er
use, ewes, yews
urn, earn, erne

vail, vale, veil
vain, vane, vein
valance, valence
valiance, vaiants
variance, variants
vary, very
vellum, velum
veracious, voracious
verdure, verger
verses, versus
versed, verst
vial, vile, viol
vice, vise
villain, villain
viscous, viscus

wacks, wax, whacks
wade, weighed
wail, wale, whale
wain, wane
waist, waste
wait, weight
waive, wave
waiver, waver
Wales, whales
walk, wok
war, wore
ward, warred
ware, wear, were, we’re, where
warn, worn
warrantee, warranty
wart, wort
warship, worship
watt, what
way, weigh, whey
we, wee, whee
weak, week
weald, wheeled, wield
wean, ween
weather, whether
weave, we’ve
we’d, weed
weir, we’re
weld, welled
we’ll, wheal, wheel
wen, when
were, whir
wet, whet
which, witch
whig, wig
while, wile
whiled, wild
whin, win, wynn
whine, wine
whined, wind, wined
whirl, whorl
whirled, whorled, world
whirred, word
whish, wish
white, wight, wite
whit, wit
whither, wither
whoa, woe
whole, hole
wholly, holy
whop, wop
whore, hoar
whored, hoard, horde
who’s, whose
why, whye
whys, wise
wield, wheeled
wind, wined
winds, wins, winze
won, one
won’t, wont
wood, would
worst, wurst
wrack, rack
wrap, rap
wrapped, rapt
wreak, reek
wrecks, rex
wrens, rends
wrest, rest
wretch, retch
wright, write, right
wring, ring
wringer, ringer
writing, righting
wrote, rote
wry, rye

xero, zero
xi, psy

yack, yak
y’alll, yawl
yap, yapp
yew, ewe
yews, ewes
yoke, yolk
you’ll yule
yore, your, you’re

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  1. Wow - that's an impressive word count!
    I enjoyed the homophones. That was quite a list.


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