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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Colors of the Virgin Islands - Buildings - Part One

Colors abound in the islands. It isn’t confined to ocean, sky, or plant life. Buildings take on a life of their own.

Yellow brick, jazzy shutters and a red roof! The white building on the top of the hill, center left, is the old Danish Consulate, now the Governor's home.

This is of Fort Christianvaern on St. Croix.

While this is Fort Christian on St. Thomas.

When I was growing up most everyone, including us, lived in small wooded houses. Some, like our spacious four room shack up at Gifft Hill were shingled on the outside, while others, like this one on the British island of Tortola, where painted in bright colors.

Few of these old wooden buildings survive, having been eaten by termites, burned down or destroy in hurricanes. They have been replaced with concrete.

This is the Public Library where I spent many hours after school. A new bigger library is being built. I don't know what's going to happen with the old building, but I think it would make a great museum.

This is an example of stone and brick masonry on Main Street, Charlotte Amalia. The arched doors are a standard feature on most the old buildings.

This is Hotel 1829. Built guessed it, 1829.

Inside is a genuine Tiffany stained glass window. Not a very good picture but it is the real deal.
The Main Street Post Office. For many years we got our mail here. General Delivery.
And lastly, the farmer's market, decked out in the Rastafarian colors of green, yellow, red and black.

Color, color, color. It’s everywhere.


  1. Aren't they though? There are so many!

  2. Color makes me happy. Your post made me happy.

  3. What a magical place to live...I always find myself smiling while reading your posts and looking at our pictures...Hugs...

  4. It looks like a color can paint a thousand words.

  5. I think my favorite place I've ever been to was Bermuda. These pictures remind me of that trip. And those little wooden buildings -they were tucked in everywhere.

    What a nice change from the russets and grays here. Great pix -they DO make you happy to look at.

  6. I love carribean destinations because of their use of color in their surroundings. Here in Canada everything bleak and stuffy-formal-bricky looking, or made to look ultra modern. Blah!

    Love that stained glass--beautiful work!

  7. Gorgeous colors. I just love that little pink house!

  8. Thanks everyone! More colors will be coming!

  9. I always enjoy your posts, Bish. Beautiful, colorful pictures!


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