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Monday, November 2, 2009

Homophonic Monday - T

There were tense moments when they tried to set up their tents.

tacet, tacit
tach, tack, taque
tacked, tact
tacks, tax
tail, , tale
tailer, tailor
taper, tapir
tare, tear
tarry, terry
taupe, tope
taut, taught
tea, tee, ti (so, la, ti)
teal, teil
team, teem
tear, tier
teas, tease, tees
teat, teet
tel, tell
tends, tens
tenner, tenor
tenser, tensor
tents, tense
tern, terne, turn
ternary, tunery
Thai, tie, tye
the, thee
their, there, they’re
theirs, there’s
threw, through, thru
throe, throw
throes, throws
throne, thrown
thyme, time
tic, tick
tics, ticks, tix
tide, tied
tighten, titan
timber, timbre
tire, tyre
to, too, two
toad, toed, towed
toady, tody
tocsin, toxin
toe, tow
toke, toque
told, tolled
tole, toll
ton, tonne, tun
tongue, tung
tool tule, tulle
toon, tune
tor, tore
tort, torte
tough, tuff
tracked, tract
trader, traitor
tray, trey
troop, troupe
trussed, trust
tucks, tux

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