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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Random Thought

Those born on this day are rubbing elbows with some pretty
interesting people.

Benjamin Franklin - 1706

Anne Bronte - 1820. Has anyone read her novel Agnes Grey?

Anton Chekhov - 1860

Al Capone - 1899

James Earl Jones - 1931

And The Greatest - Muhammad Ali - 1942


  1. I've not yet read "Agnes Grey." But, I sure want to. It's one of those books that I've known about, but forget to pick up until I hear about it again. Pretty bad, huh?

  2. Cool! James Earl Jones has the coolest voice in the world. Poor Benjamin though. What do you think he'd say to it being Bald Eagle Appreciation Day? He'd probably break out the Wild Turkey and just laugh. ;)

  3. I haven't read Agnes Gray. Poor Anne; I guess I consider her the forgotten Bronte. The thing is, I loved Jane Eyre and hated Wuthering Heights. If I'd loved both, I bet I'd have given Anne a chance before now.

  4. Oh I remember when I lived and breathed and sweated Chekov.

    I love James Earl Jones!

    Bish, I like how your Random Thoughts are not always so random!!!

    I'm going to start posting my word verifications, because I think they are fun! This one was: glatumo

    It sounds like something big and globbery

  5. CJ, I'm with you I must find Anne's book.

    Rena, Ben did have a live and let live reputation, so I think your assessment of his reaction is absolutely correct!

    Marcie, I had the same reaction; loved Jane Eyre and practically hated Wuthering Hights. WH to me is a horrible story about a terribly disfunctional family...but/'s well written. I say we all go out and read Anne's book.

    Angela, I'm afraid to admit I've only read a little Chekov, not as much as I should and James Earl Jones is one of my favorite actors too. I too sometimes get a kick out of the word verifications. I've taken to writing down the most humorous/interesting ones because I'm sure they'll work in story someday...That's me, a collector of random thoughts/random words.

  6. I don't know why, but I like knowing all the famous people who share my birthday. Somehow it makes me feel capable of success or something. :-)


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