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Friday, January 16, 2009

Creative Writing

This small town were I live (population about 20,500 according to the 2000 census I'm sure it's a bit more now) has, among other things, a fine small private university.

Today I registered to audit a creative writing class. I've wanted to take this particular class, taught by this particular professor, for a long time.

I have to give credit to my husband who happened to pick up a local entertainment magazine and read that the class was open for auditing. He suggested I look into it, in fact he encouraged it. I'm so happy he did!

I squeaked in under the wire, considering applying for admission was already "closed." But I was accepted and today I got to register.

After getting my schedule of one class, I went to the campus book store to see what books are going to be required. I was surprised to find there is just one, which I promptly bought. Then like a kid I had to get a university emblazoned spiral notebook!

Upon reading the preface and first chapter of the book I know it's right up my alley because it's about connecting to one's writing creativity through a very Zen approach.

As time allows and permits I hope to be able to share what I learn.

The book is called Wabi Sabi for Writers by Richard R. Powell.
Quote #1: "Nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, nothing is finished."


  1. You're going to love the class. I've taken a bunch of extension classes at UCLA and meeting other writers and dedicating that time to your craft really gets the momentum going. Enjoy and keep us posted!

  2. I'm so happy for you, Bish! A class is always a wonderful way to stretch. There is a lovely PB called Wabi-Sabi. Check it out.

  3. Have fun with the new class, Bish!


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