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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Package

My sister has many talents. One of them is crocheting which she does while she watches TV or a movie. As she says, "It's better than just twiddling my thumbs. At least this way my twiddling thumbs are producing something."
She's been crocheting for just about forever. I have doilies and potholders just about all over the place.

She's very good.

This came in the mail Saturday. A field of irises.
We all have a love for irises. Stan and I now have a multitude of yellow irises, grown from a few roots my mother brought to us all the way from her yard in California. Now Erva has sent us these, all the way from the Virgin Islands.
Thanks Erva. I love you.


  1. It looks even nicer on your bed than I imagined! Enjoy!!


  2. Beautiful gift! I can only imagine the time it took...

  3. It makes the bedroom look like a million bucks, Erva.

    Isn't it though, Rena?

    Angela, my sister estimated that it took about 600 hours.

  4. Wow! that is gorgeous! What a treasure!


  5. What a labor of love ... so beautiful! Bish, you are blessed to have a most wonderful family.

  6. That's beautiful! 600 hours? That is a labor of love!

    I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award...see my post :)

  7. That is sooo beautiful...

    oh how I wish I could be that talented...unfortunately, I have to left thumbs, so all they know how to do is twiddle...grin...

  8. Thanks Christy, it is a treasure AND it will be used.

    I am blessed indeed, Vijaya, in many, many ways.

    Ooooo Adrienne! Thank you!

    Brenda, you are more talented than you think and you share some of it with the rest of us.


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