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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Senior High Picture Challenge

Rena and some other bloggers had put out the challenge to post your senior high picture. I had to scan this out of my 1970 yearbook, that's why it looks so grainy. What you can't see is the acne...which I had pretty bad. (Rhyming not intended.)Those credits next to your name? Mine read:

Girl's Sports I: I was on the winning football team in 9th grade. Granted we only played one game against one school but we won it hands down. The "league" was disbanded because the mother's of the girls from the other participating school decided it was too rough a sport for their girls to be playing.

Miss A. S. P. S 2nd Runner Up I: That stands for All Saints Parish School. Dad always thought it was appropriate that we were called asps. I played my guitar and sang a song. Can't for the life of me remember which one or what possessed me to compete against the popular girls. I remember being terrified. I was surprised to make 2nd Runner Up, but then...there were like only four girls going for the title!

Yearbook III, Copy Editor IV: Which I wrote about recently in A Writer's Journey.

Mixed Chorus II: I should have sung every year in the choir but I didn't.

Student Council II, IV: In my senior year the Student Council was responsible for changing uniform requirements, loosing them up a bit; like being able to wear sneakers or something other than loafers or tie shoes (we were never ever allowed to wear sandals) and no socks. And girls were given the option of wearing solid forest green or green plaid skirts. Unfortunately for us senior girls plaid skirts didn't become an option until the following year.

To this day I have never worn a forest green skirt. That said, I think uniforms would solve a lot of problems in public schools. All the kids in all the public schools in the islands wear uniforms. Each school has its own color. A person can immediately tell where a kid goes to school by the uniform he or she is wearing. Also a uniform eliminates the problem of kids competing for status through their clothes. Rich and poor are wearing the same thing which starts everyone out on a more level playing field. No designer labels, no obvious second-hand/thrift shop clothes. Also, it's cheaper for parents. Three or four pairs of pants/skirts, five or six shirts/blouses and you're set for the school year. Makes sense to me.

PS: The pearls are mine. They are real cultured pears. I won them them in the 1966 Annual Fourth of July Fishing Tournament for "best girl angler." I caught an 11 1/2 pound barracuda. Got my picture in the paper and everything.

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  1. Great picture! I'm not sure how I stand on uniforms. I went to a Catholic school for 1-1/2 years and had to wear a plaid jumper. I didn't get to wear the cool skirt the older girls got to wear, so I always held a little grudge over that. My girls went to a Christian church school for a year and had to wear uniforms. They were really good about wearing them, but not all the kids were and the staff didn't enforce that, so it was a pointless effort. It's an interesting debate though, and you have some good strong points in favor of it.

    I loved the pearls too. One thing I've always wanted was a strand of pearls or a pearl ring. Someday, maybe.

  2. I'm loving these pictures! And I love that you got pearls for fishing! grin...

  3. gorgeous picture!!!

    Those pearls are fAB! :0)


  4. Rena, Lower grade school girls wore jumpers at my school too. We got to wear big girl skirts staring in 6th grade. The teachers had to wear the uniform, and the principal too. The priests of course wore robes.

    Brenda, I've got A LOT of fish stories and all about "The Ones That Didn't Get Away." Fodder for other posts.

    Thanks Christy. That picture is pretty good. But the fact remains, I never (and I mean never) dated in high school. I was pretty much a lonely loner. Sooooooo glad all that angst is over! :)

  5. Very classy picture! You were pretty active in high school. I like that your dad referred to you as the asps :-)

  6. Lovely senior pic and love the fact that you fish!


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