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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Abilene: An Update

As of Thursday Abilene is street legal. She has new tires, an exhaust system, insurance, license, and inspection sticker.

She’s gone on a couple of road tests. There are a few bugs to work out which is what road tests are for. But the problems don’t appear to be anything major that can’t be fixed. For the most part, she’s run beautifully.

Stan is amazed how smoothly it’s gone. Can you see the grin on his face? He is really happy.

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  1. What a beauty. When are we going to get a shot of you in the car, big movie star sunglasses and a wide scarf on your hair trailing behind you?

  2. Cant't wait for the next time I actually get to visit to claim my ride! Last time I saw her "in the" was 8 years ago. The color had been chosen and a whole lot of work needed to be done. And it's a 4 Door!!! Shall we say, cruisin' for comfort?
    Dad would be so proud of what Stan has accomplished!

  3. What a great car! I agree with angela...I want to see you in your movie star glory riding off in the sunset! grin...


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