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Thursday, October 20, 2016

W.E.P. Constellations

As if I didn't have enough going on this month, I had to participate in another lovely challenge from Yolanda Renee and Denise Covey.

It's about constellations. And I'm offering up two poems, both written many years ago.

This one I wrote as a teen.

Orion constellation HeveliusOrion

He is silent, strong,
and patient.
He hunts the bear.
And, until Time herself
scatters his stars,
he will continue to
hunt the bear,
unafraid, and,
without success.

And this one I wrote in my 30s.

Sidney Hall - Urania's Mirror - Scorpio
And when I gaze
into the south-southwestern sky,
do you see Scorpio as I?
There lies the great sweep,
the curve of tail,
the grand array of stars eternal...

I am reminded of my finiteness,
of numbered days,
but know it is not too late
to relate
the thoughts and feelings locked deep within the heart.

I know too
that Scorpio will have his day,
when all his stars will blow away.
Then he and I will understand infinity
and dance
the cosmic dance 
one hundred million million times
as molecules of space dust,
as atoms of ethereal air,
as star, 
as human,
as all things both great and rare.


  1. Beautifully done, Bish. I found them ethereal, introspective, and eternal. Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

    I do hope your book tour is going great and books are selling like hot cakes!

    Thanks for taking the time to participate in the WEP Halloween/Constellations Challenge. It wouldn't have been the same without you!

    1. Thanks, Yolanda. The tour seems be going well. As for books selling like hot cakes... we'll see.

  2. Hi Bish - both those are lovely ... I found the interpretation of the two stars interesting to think about ... something I've never done before ... now I must look at the 12 constellations and the 13th ... with new eyes ... cheers and well done - Hilary

  3. What a beautiful take on the constellations, Bish. So glad you found time to enter.

  4. How lovely.
    And I am so impressed at your teen poet too. And sad for Orion.

    1. My teen self managed to write a few poems that were okay.

  5. Love both poems! The Scorpio one is much deeper and more mature, but my heart leans toward the Orion. Your teenage self captured the essence of the myth in this one.

  6. Hello Bish! It's great that you found the time to post for WEP. And what beautiful poems. You had such talent even as a child and your talent has grown with the years. I particularly loved this stanza from your second poem:

    I am reminded of my finiteness,
    of numbered days,
    but know it is not too late
    to relate
    the thoughts and feelings locked deep within the heart.
    Hope your book tour is going great and your sales are going gangbusters.

    Lovely having you participate in WEP again!

    Denise :-)

  7. His Bish
    I am in awe of poets being inept myself. Loved yours.

  8. Those were good! As a Scorpio, I can't help but lean toward that poem. ;)

  9. With Scorpio the dance you’ll share

  10. Incredible poems! I am SO impressed, Bish.

  11. Very nice, I enjoyed reading them :o)

  12. You sure are busy! Great poems. I love looking up at the stars and these are just excellent. :)

  13. Both beautiful, in different ways.

    The last line of Orion really underscore's both the hunter's perseverance and futility. And Scorpio, with its reflections on finiteness and the promise of an eternal dance, is haunting.

  14. I was out of town for the beginning of the Challenge. I scheduled my post to go up on the first day, but it has taken me some time to get around to visiting everybody. You are the last and it appears I saved the best for last.

    I love both poems and find it hard to believe they were each written so long ago. Great depth of understanding and a beautiful take on the the constellations.

    So glad you entered amid the many other things you have going on right now. Thanks for a great ending to a really fun challenge, my friend.

  15. It's interesting comparing the young poet with the older poet's words. There's an increase in description and depth. I don't think I've ever seen the Scorpio constellation, but now I'd like to. Well written, thanks for sharing these poems with us.

  16. Hello, here from WEP. Beautiful words and lovely imagery. Interesting to compare the growth of the adult poet over the teenage one. Enjoyed both.


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