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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Grand Tour Continues - Week Four of The Bowl and the Stone

We're rounding the turn and coming into the home stretch! What a great tour it's been so far. Join me for more interesting moments on St. John, a very small island.

24th - Meradeth Houston, Write Stuff - A brief history of slavery

24th - Natalie Aguirre, Literary Rambles - Follower News

26th - Shannon Lawrence, The Warrior Muse - More interesting *facts* about jumbies

27th - Jessica Height, The Secret Files of Fairday Marrow - Annaberg, a sugar plantation

28th - Karen Walker, Following the Whispers - The St. John slave revolt of 1733

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  1. Your stamina is amazing Bish, which means we have lots to look forward to this week!

  2. Hi Bish - well done ... I do hope your stories go down well ... and you sell loads of books - bringing Virgin Islands folk lore to life ... cheers Hilary

  3. So many awesome posts! It's a pleasure to have you hanging out at my blog today :)

  4. You go, girl! I'm still excited when I see your cover on other blogs.

  5. I saw that you were going to be visiting Natalie this week.


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