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Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for...

Welcome to my 7th Challenge. Thank you Arlee Bird!  I know a certain Brit with a certain dog, who's a modest internet star, who thinks we are all crazy for doing this. So I'm doing something off the wall and a bit different just to put a smile on his face (and yours too I hope) and her muzzle if they so happen to stop by.

It's all about the A to Z of:

Shakespearean Insults
First Folio

Today's insult: Thou art a XENOPHOBIC ass-head.


Surrealist Compliments!
Alexa szlavics oilpainting

Today's compliment: XYLOPHONES produce a cacophony of delight whenever you appear.

May they cause you to smile.
May they lighten your day and help you take things less seriously.
Pass them on if you would like.
Make up your own and share in the comments.
Or visit the Shakespearean Insult Generators HERE and
the Surrealist Compliment Generator HERE.

If you'd like to visit other participants in the A to Z Challenge, go HERE.

I am a minion with:


  1. Super X quotes. I did wonder what was coming up today. Not disappointed :) I love the compliment - how lovely.

  2. Hi Bish - Xenophobic ass-heads ... wonderful ... Xylophones playing if done tunefully - they are wonderful .. cheers Hilary

  3. I like the compliment. It would be interesting to hear the noise of a lot of xylophones! We are almost there!


  4. Xylophones are wonderful, aren't they?

  5. you managed double x in one post.

  6. I love the insult. Great word. And xylophones are so delightful.

  7. I'm going to miss these after Z! I've enjoyed my morning laugh for almost a month.

  8. Xylophones certainly extend good music. The bonus is the hand movements of the player and the special 'ping' sound that result!


  9. I like the Surrealist print :) Ha-ha, and perfect use of X words!

  10. YEASTY YELLOW mound of greasy tallow? Wow. What an image those words give!


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