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Thursday, April 14, 2016

L is for...

Welcome to my 7th Challenge. Thank you Arlee Bird!  I know a certain Brit with a certain dog, who's a modest internet star, who thinks we are all crazy for doing this. So I'm doing something off the wall and a bit different just to put a smile on his face (and yours too I hope) and her muzzle if they so happen to stop by.

It's all about the A to Z of:

Shakespearean Insults
First Folio

Today's insult: Thou art a LOATHSOME core of envy.


Surrealist Compliments!
Alexa szlavics oilpainting

Today's compliment: The LIMPIDITY of your objections ever motivates my hunger.

May they cause you to smile.
May they lighten your day and help you take things less seriously.
Pass them on if you would like.
Make up your own and share in the comments.
Or visit the Shakespearean Insult Generators HERE and
the Surrealist Compliment Generator HERE.

If you'd like to visit other participants in the A to Z Challenge, go HERE.

I am a minion with:


  1. limpidity of your compliment is impressive

  2. Hi Bish - love all of these ... cheers Hilary

  3. Great insult, Bish and that compliment is seriously strange! :)

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. They just get better and better! LOL

  5. I'm adding "limpidity" to my list of new words.

  6. I could have used limpidity many times in business meetings.

  7. Love the word 'limpidity'. Can't wait for tomorrow's insults and compliments. Thanks for such an enjoyable visit each day.

  8. I'm really enjoying these insults and compliments!

  9. wow! awesome insult and compliment today, I salute you :D

  10. wow! awesome insult and compliment today, I salute you :D

  11. Learned a new word today. I'm loving the word limpidity. I know that the limpidity of my family's excessive objections to every meal or restaurant I suggest surely motivates my hunger and motivates my decision to cut them out of the planing stage and or selection process the next time.

  12. We are living in a great time, cousin.


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