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Monday, March 21, 2016

Alternatives, Chocolate, and Being Thankful

Alternatives is a recurring post in which I give synonyms for an over used word. Click on the tab above for a "complete" list of over used words.

Today's word is: - Get codes for Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and more
Come on, raise your hand if this is a word that comes up too often in your writing. *Sneaks hand up*
Personally, I like persnickety, though I know it wouldn't work in some instances, like in the title of Pink Floyd's song, Be Persnickety With That Ax, Eugene. Or a book title I saw (there are several with this title so I'm not picking on anyone in particular) Be Sedulous What You Wish For. Simply put, be cautious when choosing an alternative.

Depending on how you use it, this list may come in handy for finding another way to say the same thing.

abstemious, accurate, alert, apprehensive, assiduous, attentive, awake
cagey, calculating, canny, cautious, certain, chary, choosy, circumspect, close, concerned, conscientious, conservative, considerate, cool
deliberate, detailed, diligent, discreet
economical, economizing, elaborated, exact, exacting
fastidious, foresighted, frugal, fussy
gingerly, going to great lengths, guarded
heedful, hyper cautious
mean, methodical, meticulous, mindful, minute, miserly
observant, on guard, organized
painstaking, parsimonious, particular, penny-pinching, persnickety, playing say, precise, prim, protective, provident, prudent, punctilious
regardful, religious, rigorous
safe, scrimping, scrupulous, sedulous, self disciplined, sensible, shrewd, shy, slow, sober, solicitous, solid, stingy, studious, sure, systematic
thorough, thoughtful
wary, watchful

It's American Chocolate Week!
Chocolate easter egg
Go out therefore and eat chocolate. You have my permission.

Being Thankful
Today I'm thankful for signs of spring.

Blue bonnets in our back yard.

Bee on a blue bonnet.


Bees feeding on sugar water.

 Agarita. The flowers have an intoxicatingly sweet aroma.

Claret cactus


Mountain laurel. The flowers smell just like grape bubblegum.

A big fat spiny lizard, on the outside of our screened porch. 
He was avoiding being food for a lurking rat snake
What are you thankful for? Do you like chocolate, have a favorite brand/candy bar? Any signs of spring where you are?


  1. Oh, so very glad I can eat chocolate all week. Yum! I love that spring is almost here too.

  2. I like chocolate, it doesn't like me. :(
    Spring it popping up all around but the temperature were a bit cold last week, this week warmth is on the way! Yay!

    1. What a bite. I've had to cut way back, myself. As for spring, we were hitting summer temps last week, then over the week-end had a light freeze. Go figure.

  3. Hi Bish - we can't avoid chocolate right now - way too many Easter eggs around .. but I don't do them! I'm into plants and bunches of flowers ... but those you've posted up are quite delightful. Carefully, carefully I go via the A-Z challenge reveal .. cheers Hilary

  4. And of course a lizard!
    Deliberate it a good word to replace it.

  5. The blue bonnets are so beautiful. Thanks for the word reference.

  6. Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? I'm there if you've got some. Thanks for posting the field of Blue Bonnets. I was given a packet of seeds when I was at the book conference in Texas, and I wanted to see what they looked like before I scattered them. I may be too late this year, but next year I'll see if they'll come up in CA.

    1. Hubby just brought home a Butterfinger (bad boy.) The seeds should probably be scattered in the early fall. They like a freeze to crack the hull. Some people nick the seeds with nail clippers, or sand them with sandpaper. I have no idea how they'll do where you are.

  7. The horrible tales of the child labor involved with the chocolate industry have taken the joy out of my eating chocolate sadly. What am I thankful for? Friends ... like you. :-)

    1. I didn't not know about child labor in chocolate industry. But why does that not surprise me? Humanity has lost it's polestar.

  8. The flowers and bees are out here.

    I don't eat chocolate anymore so someone gets my share this week.

  9. I read somewhere that the bees are making a comeback all down to climates. Word has it the African honeybee reproduces faster but it doesn't like the cool weather.

  10. Oooo, too bad. Maybe it's the caffeine in it? At least spring is springing!

  11. According to one beekeeper I know, they're doing well in Virgin Islands.


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