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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


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In an effort to keep these posts short and sweet, I'll be sharing an appropriate quote. 

Carlos Fuentes, Paris - Mar 2009 (7)I'm not familiar with anything Carlos Fuentes has written, but I love what he said.

This is for those of you who may struggle with figuring out what genre you want to write. For myself, I'm going to write whatever I feel like. I refuse to be labeled. 

Don't classify me, read me. I'm a writer, not a genre.

Don't classify yourself either. Well, you might classify yourself as a writer, but why limit yourself to a particular genre? If you want to write mysteries, when you've been writing, dystopian novels, then write mysteries. If a middle grade fantasy calls to you when you've been writing literary adult novels, then write a middle grade fantasy. If you write historical novels when suddenly feel the urge to write a piece of non-fiction, then DO IT. The point is, don't box yourself in. Don't fall into the trap of writing only kind of story, unless, of course, that's what YOU want to do! 

Happy Insecure Writer's Support Group Day! Do you write in a particular genre or in more than one kind? Do you have an idea for a completely different story than you're "known" for, but are afraid to break out of your own mold? If you are afraid, ask yourself why.


  1. So true we shouldn't limit our genres or the age group we write unless we really want to. Hope your roof is finished and it's quieter at your house.

  2. Hi Bish - what a great quote ... and you can't bookend him either. I love some of the quotes I read .. and this is a classic one - which I won't classify ... take care and looking forward to more of Anansi .. cheers Hilary

  3. Just read my book!
    I'm comfortable with my genre although I would like to try my hand at fantasy. So much world building though and that is not my strong suit.

  4. I'm now working on my fourth genre, so not letting myself be pigeon-holed.

  5. Love the quote, wish the publishers thought the same way. Still I write what I feel, and love straying into many genres!

  6. The best advice I been given lately about genre is don't worry about. It is a marketing tool for publishers, not a writing tool for authors. When you go to sell you book knowing your genre will help you target your ideal reader, until than write the best book you can and one that you love. The rest will work out. Most writers pit mix of few things into their stories, so once it is complete it will be easier to decide the genre, so I stopped worrying about it as much. Be aware, but don't let it stop the words or keep you from writing the story you want to write. It did help.

    Love the quote. Nabbing it for my quote file. Great one.

    Juneta Writer's Gambit

  7. Great quote! Wish the publishers and bookstores had that in their heads, too! Thanks, Bish.

  8. Wonderful advice. Who wants to be pigeonholed. Too bad readers don't always think that way. I think a lot of them freak when their favorite author steps out of their usual genre.

  9. I love lots of different genres, and plan on writing in many of them. But the question remains: If your audience gets used to a particular style of story from you, will they buy a completely different one? We've all heard, "I didn't like so-and-so's new book, it was completely different than their previous stuff." It may be marketing, but it also helps readers pick stuff that they will like.

  10. Thank you Bish. I always thought I was weird as I write paranormal, literary fiction and contemporary. Anything really. Just give me a pen to take a walk across a page. :-)

  11. That is an excellent quote! I have not written a book yet, but I have struggled with trying to classify my writing and picking a genre. Thanks for sharing :)


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