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Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Muse, Guest Post, and Being Thankful
This week's Monday Muse is given over to a guest post from my friend A., who is dying. If your wondering if your prayers and healing good thoughts helped, they did. Last week she was in acute renal failure, but through something that can only be called a miracle, and with the help of a simple blood transfusion, her kidneys began working again! 

Last Christmas she wrote about giving which is posted HERE.

What follows is part an email I got from her on Saturday. 


A fellow patient (T.) passed away in his room. Of course, the Senior staff members and Medical Staff have seen this many times and dealt with it in a professional and dignified manner. L. (another patient) and I noticed that younger staff members (the 20 something year old kiddos) were quite upset about it, having never experienced something like this. We decided to do something for our fellow brothers and sisters. Comfort them. Lift them up. 

L. and I  explained to them that while we have a "terminal" prognosis, it really means nothing. Everything that has ever been born, will, at some point die. Physical shape and form do not define any of us. It's what we do with those precious days we are afforded that truly matters. Death is as much a part of life as birth. And, if you give it all you've got, even death can not take away Joy! 

While we are allowed this time on Earth, we each make a difference. We stumble and say and do dumb and insensitive things at times, it's ok. Fall down 7 times, get up 8. Life is a delicate balance of holding on and letting go of all things: Relationships, tangible belongings, habits good or bad, abilities we lose due to health issues, and death itself. People are what REALLY matter. The compassion and kinship that we display allows us to each BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE. Treasure WHO, not WHAT we have. And, most especially, gratitude. Being given a new day is a reason for each of us to rejoice. 

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama wrote that, "The next life or tomorrow... we are never certain which will come first." 

At the end of the evening, the youngsters were both smiling and seemed at ease, more calm. L. and I treated ourselves to a refreshing glass of melon water and decided we'd go at it again tomorrow, if the good Lord sees fit. 

We are now competing, to see which of us can hand out more kudos, compliments, smiles, **twinkles** and comfort to others. Funnest competition I've ever been in. Win or lose, we both win. As do all those we hope to touch along the way. 

L.  is carrying my stuffed Minion around now, so he's got instant smiles. Gotta turn up my own "hustle" to keep up with him. Awesome! 

Namaste and Blessings. 

And above all, may there be Peace on Earth, and Let It Begin With ME.

PS: When I was resting earlier, I wanted to read some good stuff, so I went to your blog. I cried beautiful tears of gratitude and humility when I saw your prayer request for me and all the beautiful responses from your friends.

Being Thankful

Today I'm thankful for my friend A. and for every day that she continues to be in this world. I'm thankful for all she is teaching me and the gift she is passing on, not just to me, but to all of you.

Please continue sending your prayers and healing thoughts. They are heard, received, and greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Thank God for the miracle!
    Your friend has an amazing attitude.

    1. Yes indeed. It gives her a little more time to spread the love.

  2. What a beautiful and wise spirit. I bet everyone loves her there.

  3. Awesome news that A's doing better. :-)

  4. So happy your friend is doing better. And you both have such a great attitude towards it all.

  5. Glad your friend is feeling better! Such great, positive words from her in that email!

  6. Very touching, Bish. I continue to send my healing thoughts her direction. She must be a very special person.

  7. This is so beautiful. Your friend has such grace and bestows it on all of us with her words.
    Peace to you, to her, to us all.

  8. God works miracles and A. is certainly one of His. What a beautiful blog post, Bish.

  9. Hi Bish - what a lovely post to read ... it's always so good to see when others are smiling, and helping cheers people up who are struggling ... such a great post to read ... thanks - cheers and all the very best to A and all patients everywhere ... with thoughts - Hilary

  10. Such beautiful sentiments and this letter does put so many things in perspective. I found comfort reading this.

  11. What a beautiful post! Thank you so much. I really needed that today!

  12. What an amazing guest post. I'm so glad your friend is doing better.
    I love the attitude, we all die. What matters most isn't that we die, but what we do with our life while we can. Good thoughts and suggestions.
    Can you imagine if everyone played the same game? Who can give the most compliments and smiles? What a world that would be.

  13. Your friend must be harnessing good vibrations from the universe. May she continue to get stronger and go from strength to strength.

  14. Please know that ALL your lovely comments are greatly appreciated. I'm sorry I haven't been around this week to comment and visit. But... you know how it goes, life and living and having fun can sometimes get in the way of being on line.


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