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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for...

This is my 6th year for doing the challenge. To learn more go to The A to Z Challenge Blog.

This year it's all about the
The A to Z of 

In which I will describe, show pictures of, and otherwise expound on plants and animals mentioned in the novel.

L is for the Lovely Leeza
Leeza is a possible love interest. She has some issues of her own to deal with, like being quick to judge. But her liquid brown eyes cause Marvin to become mostly tongue-tied in her presence.


  1. I had a wife like that once. Just thought I'd mention it!

  2. Aaaww
    She appeals to Marvin's soft side.

  3. Marvin doesn't stand a chance once he looks into those liquid brown eyes.

  4. Lovely Leeza! I'm sitting here giggling at a 'lizard' as the love interest. I mean, I get it, but it still makes me giggle.

  5. Marvin didn't stand a chance when Leeza entered his life. He was hooked.

  6. Hi Bish .. wonderful Leeza - love the thought of Marvin wilting in her presence .. cheers Hilary


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