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Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for...

This is my 6th year for doing the challenge. To learn more go to The A to Z Challenge Blog.

This year it's all about the 
The A to Z of 

In which I will describe, show pictures of, and otherwise expound on plants and animals mentioned in the novel.

K is for Kismet

Kismet is about destiny, about fate.
From the moment he hatches Marvin knows he has a destiny. He is quite boastful about it too, which makes him an easy target to be teased by Alfred, George and Fred. But Marvin doesn't care what other lizards think. He knows the truth. He's destined from greatness.
Three Fates - - 1779884
The Three Fates.


  1. Always good to know what your destiny is.

  2. Such a beautiful sculpture. Would be good to sketch.

  3. "Destined for Greatness'! Isn't that true of us all, in one way or another. Now the trick; live up to your destiny.

  4. I agree with farawayeyes. We're all destined for greatness. But it's sad that people try to spend their lives convincing those that know this otherwise.

  5. He just didn't expect greatness to come the way it did.

  6. Kismet...that is a great word, indeed.

  7. Hi Bish .. oooh I thought Marvin was humble this is a new twist for me ... interesting ... but Kismet is a clever word for the K post ..

    Lovely - cheers Hilary

  8. Don't let them get you down Marvin!!


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