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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A is for...

This is my 6th year for doing the challenge. To learn more go to The A to Z Challenge Blog.

This year it's all about the 
A to Z of 

In which I will describe, show pictures of, and otherwise expound on plants and animals mentioned in the novel.

A is for Alfred. 
Alfred is the leader of a gang of three lizards who take great delight in teasing and bullying our hero, Marvin. Like Marvin, he is an anolis (or anoles) lizard. He operates during the daylight hours and sleeps in hidden places.

This is also the first Wednesday of the month and time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, the brainchild of Alex Cavanaugh.

In an effort to keep these posts short and sweet, I'll be sharing an appropriate quote. 

Confidence is the feeling you have before you really understand the problem.  

I'm sure NONE of us as EVER experienced THAT before! It's what we do AFTER we understand the problem that REALLY tells the story of who we are.

I JUST got back, as in I didn't get into the house until after midnight, from spending the month of March with my sister in St. Thomas. I don't know how much I'll be visiting around today or even tomorrow as I recuperate. I tell you the older I get the longer it takes me to catch my breath.

So... do you know what Ogden Nash meant? Do you think no knowing what your getting into is sometimes a good thing?


  1. Hi Bish - love Alfred - think I've fallen for him ... and Anole lizards in particular. Your book looks amazing - cheers Hilary

  2. Alfred is so cute. Hope you had a great trip.

  3. Meaningful quote. Been there. HaI I bet Alfred can relate to that quote too. He kinda has that appearance

  4. Had to laugh - that quote is so true! Ignorance is bliss.
    Marvin sure showed Alfred.

  5. That's an interesting looking lizard :)

  6. Alfred is a cutie. Looking forward to seeing more. As for the quote, sometimes not knowing can be good, but then I always worry about being prepared for whatever.

  7. Welcome back!
    Looking forward to meeting Marvin's world :)

    Yes, I agree it's good we don't always know what we're getting into.

  8. I'm envious that you get to see anumals like Alfred.
    Six years have passed in a flash for me too.
    Get well rested for the 25 letters left.

  9. Sometimes it's okay to be a little naive.

  10. Gorgeous lizard. And my feeling on the quote depends upon the day. ~grin~ Best wishes!

  11. What a cute lizard! The story sounds fun too.

    Hope you have a wonderful A day!

  12. Alfred definitely looks like hes snacked on something.

  13. Sometimes, it just means doing something before you overthink it.

  14. Love the quote. This is something a three yr. old has until....

    What a lizard!

  15. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

  16. As per usual I'm dying catch up. Looking forward to the Lizard Lore.

    And a big fat yes to that quote. I think if we always knew exactly what we were getting into, we probably wouldn't start anything.


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