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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Thursday


Why wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful, when in actuality we should be thankful every second of every day.

I have decided that every Thursday, from now until I don't know when, I'm going to express my gratitude, my thankfulness, for at least ONE something.

If you care to join me, there's a linky thingy at the bottom.

I've chosen a picture of the Deep Field to remind me, and perhaps others, of how precious this tiny ball of dirt is, the one we call Earth. It is unique and rare and the chances of us finding something like it is rarer still. Even if we do find something like it, we are totally incapable to reaching it.

This is it. Let us be kind to Earth and each other. Let us be THANKFUL for what we have.


Today I am thankful for breathing. The air that goes into my lungs and leaves it has been here for millions of years. Some of the molecules I breath in may have passed through the lungs of Buddha, Einstein, my parents, a dinosaur, or that mockingbird that sings in our yard.

Trees and plants all over the world live on what we exhale. They thrive on our waste and freely give back to us what we need to stay alive. Could there be anything more symbiotic?

Daily, I do my best to take a moment to think about my breath. It is the stuff of life. It was the first thing I did when I was born. It will be the last thing I do when I die.

Today, I am thankful for breathing.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Hi Bish - that is a great idea and I'll definitely be around to comment. Yes breathing keeps things alive and they give back ... always amazes me.

    Our tiny speck in an enormity of life up there that we can't even really contemplate - we are lucky that we've evolved so we can appreciate so much .. let's look after it ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. It's a rather special place we live. It was planned well for everything to thrive.

  3. I like your idea to spread good thoughts. We need to expand our interests to help others in a variety of categories. I push for love of the land, which makes me happy to enjoy every day.

  4. bish!! it's been forever! being thankful always is a great start. and air...well now, that's just what is keeping me alive!

  5. I'm thankful for good health and family. Wonderful sentiment, Bish.

  6. I will look forward to your comments, Hilary.

    Alex, planned or not, it's precious and miraculous.

    Out on the prairie, thank you for taking part! You can use your own picture, your own entro... I'm just looking wanting to help myself remember to be thankful.

    Tammy! It gas been forever. Thanks for stopping by.

    A good and happy family is a wonderful thing, Joy.

  7. What a beautiful post! I love that you are going to take a moment each Thursday to be thankful and share it with others. :). Being thankful for breathing is awesome - and we are so lucky. :)

  8. What a great idea to do this on Thursdays. And I love your thoughts about breathing!


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