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Monday, September 15, 2014

Pictures of the Netherlands, Part Two

As promised, more pictures from the Netherlands. I've decided that brick is their national rock because they just don't have rocks like say, we do here in Texas which is a great place for a rock concert. Everything is made of brick, even most of the streets.
Inside the train station.
The Rijk Museum, home of
The Masters,
and I'm not talking golf.
Around Amsterdam.
Various canals in different cities.

The American Pilgrim Museum, is located in the oldest house in Leiden, built in the 1370. It is believed some pilgrims lived and preached in Leiden and left for America from its port. The people who own the building live up stairs. Down stairs are two small rooms which house the museum filled with artifacts.

 Everything inside the museum is touchable. Including being able to sit in a chair made in the 1200s and reading a prayer book printed in the 1600s.

At right is the hearth that was only discovered/uncovered in 1990s. It is the only known workable hearth from the era in the Netherlands.

They used peat because it didn't spark.

This modest, modern looking building in Leiden (left), is the home in which Rembrandt was born on July 15, 1606. On the right, the building with the steep peaked roof is where he went to school to learn Latin and had his first drawing lessons. The square in front of the school, through which he probably walked every day, was also the place where public executions were held.

Leiden's town hall.                                                                             One of the many churches.

There's much more, but I can't post about all of it without possibly boring you. For instance, the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands (over 400 years old), thousand year old brick walls, gardens, parks and zumps, World War II pillboxes, the Rijk Museum of Antiquities, a 400 year old orphanage, and driving on a 900 year old dike.

If you'd really like to see more, let me know. I'll squeeze it in somewhere!


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I love the old buildings and so amazing to visit them and contemplate how long they have been standing and how much they've seen.

  2. Some amazing buildings! I'll gladly look at more images if you post them.

  3. I've spent a lot of time in Amsterdam and its surroundings so I recognise many of the places and can even work out where you stood to take the photos. I only passed through Leiden however - I obviously missed out there.

  4. Oh, I just love those pots! Give me cooking utensils any day :) You have taken beautiful photos Bish, and they bring back good memories for me.

  5. Hey Bish. So good to see you. These pice are A MAZING! Gorgeous. You lucky ducky! WOW. Now I want to go. I simply MUST! Hugs, pal. MWAH!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. Now if we could experience the smells and the temperature/humidity. Lovely.

  7. What's amazing is that museum where you can actually touch things that are so old. The trip sounds too wonderful. What a great adventure for you and your pictures are great.

  8. wow, that's a fancy train station. Your photos are gorgeous. They make me want to travel again!

  9. I agree with Lee. I'd love to go to a hands-on museum where you can get to know the artifacts so intimately. So, so cool.

  10. Wow!!! Sounds and looks wonderful. Someday I hope to travel...

  11. Love the pictures! This trip sounds amazing. I would love to visit the Netherlands! Seeing more pictures would be fab- I love learning about new places. :)

  12. Beautiful! That's where my aunt is from, and she was comparing the architecture in NYC to Amsterdam when she visited us there. I was kind of surprised, but I can also see what she meant.

  13. Such ancient buildings and history. Sure am enjoying this vacation you are taking.

  14. Hi Bish - sounds like you're having an amazing time .. I've never spent time looking round the Netherlands and really should - and want to ... lots to see and do - love these shots and brief notes ...

    Cheers Hilary

  15. Just love looking at all your photos. Husband has been there, but I haven't. Definitely on my list of places I'd like to visit one day.


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