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Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Friendship

I decided to return to the blogging community today for one reason, it's the birthday of my childhood best friend who died suddenly last year. 

Jay had a profound impact on my life and I intend to share a few stories of our adventures in future blogs. 

He was as much a part of my life as my family.

He was a natural born comedian who could make anyone laugh. His imagination was the most imaginative of anyone I've ever known. He was pretty much fearless and uninhibited when it came to putting on a persona and running with it.

In honor of Jay, and because it is Thursday, I've decided to share with you a list of synonyms, alternatives as it were, for the word


I have added "friendship" to my list of over-used words, even though I don't think it's a word you can over-use.

In fact, I think it's a word that isn't used enough.


accord, acquaintanceship, affection, affinity, agreement, alliance, altruism, amiability, amicability, amity, association, attachment, at home with, attraction

bear good will, be acquainted with, befriend, benevolence, bond, bonhomie, brotherhood

camaraderie, charity, chumminess, civility, closeness, coalition, collegiality, comity, community, communion, companionship, company, comradeship, concord, confraternity, consideration, consonance, cordiality, cordialness


empathy, esteem

familiar/familiarity, favor, favoritism, fellow feeling, fellowship, fondness, fraternity, fraternization, free and easy, friendliness, fusion

generosity, good-fellowship, good will, good understanding

hand in hand with, hand in glove, harmony, have a leaning toward, have dealings with, have the ear of, hold communication with

keep company with, kindliness, know

in one’s good graces, intimate/intimacy, intercourse

league, like-mindedness, liking, link, love

mutual affection


on good terms,

pact, partiality, peace, philanthropy

rapport, regard, relationship, respect

selflessness, sentiment, shake hands, sisterhood, sociability, society, sodality, solidarity, sorority, sympathy/sympathize with

thick, thick as thieves, tie, tolerance

understanding, unhostile, union, unity, unselfish

warmth, welcomeness, well met

Here's a nice song about friendship by Bruno Mars. 
I like that the pictures show a girl and boy. 
Pass it on.


  1. I remember when your friend died. Look forward to reading some stories about him. Friendship is a great word for today and no, you can't use it too much.

  2. He sounds like an amazing guy. He'd appreciate that you selected the word friendship for him.

  3. I remember Jay. I hope everything is going well for you.

  4. Thanks, Alex. Even though it's been almost a year, I still can feel a little sad around the edges sometimes.

    He was an amazing guy, Diane.

    Everything is going great, Anne!

  5. Hi, Bish. I hope your break was good. I don't think the word friendship can ever be over-used. Cute video. Great song about friendship.

  6. Oh Bish, I do remember your post about him. This is a lovely tribute to a friend.

  7. I love this post. Reading all those words about friendship was like a prayer. And that beautiful song with the cute images of best friends got me all teary.

    It's a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday, Jay.

  8. Losing such a friend is indescribable. You will always remember him with great love.

  9. Susanne, it was a wonderful break. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks, Lee. I was really having a hard time trying to decide how to get back to blogging. Remember Jay made it easy.

    Oh, Suzanne... you've given my heart a little lift. Thanks.

    You're right Suan, I will.

    And look at all these Susans, a name that means Graceful Lily or Lotus Flower depending on the origin you choose to use. Nice.

  10. I remember this loss. I know you are still hurting, but how wonderful to have had someone you can celebrate in such a wonderful way. Stay strong...and peaceful, Bish.

  11. Sorry to hear about Jay, but I'm glad he left you with such happy and meaningful memories. Have a nice weekend!


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