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Monday, September 9, 2013

An Interview with Anansi the Spider

Back in October of 2012 I interviewed Anansi as a way of introducing my faithful Random Followers to the wily and crafty spider. At that time I suggested my readers leave a question for him and that we'd do another interview at a later date.

It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year. Finally, over the week-end, I managed to track him down at his friend, Brer Tiger's, house and he agreed to answer a few questions.

Here he is, your friend and mine, ANANSI!

It's great to have you back Anansi. Are you ready for some questions?
I ready for just 'bout anything 'cept somebody trying to steal my food.

You know, in our first interview many people commented on the fact that you seemed a little obsessed with food. What's up with that?
Well, once you been really hungry you know, starving like me, food is the first thing you think of in the mawning and the last thing you think of at night.

So, where have you been, Anansi? What have you been doing for the past year?
What else I would be doin' except hangin' around? No, seriously I been busy telling people stories.

That's a good thing, the more people know about you and your stories, the better.
That's what I keep telling Tiger, but I think he jealous nobody talkin' to him.

Well tell Tiger I'd be happy to interview him if he promises not to eat me.
Good luck with that!

Okay then, Barbara at March House Books asked:
Why don't all spiders look like you? Most of your relatives frighten the life out of me, but you look very friendly!
Well, Miss Barbara, if all we spider look the like me, you wouldn't be able to tell who was who. Now I can't have that, because there is only one Anansi. Now it's true a small few of my relative ain't so friendly as me, but the truth is, most of us are what you call beneficial, a big word for helpful. So there's no need to be 'fraid of we.

Robyn Campbell said:
Anansi, you're a very cool spider. Don't you just love Bish? Well, you do, don't cha???? (Spiders usually creep me out. But you are so lovely. I cannot quit staring at you.)
Thank you, Miss Robyn and I going to refer you back to what I told, Miss Barbara. As for Miss Bish, I like she jus' fine. She helpin' me find my way in the world.

Marcia Hoehne asked:
Anansi, why should my grown daughter become a little less fearful of your kind?
I don't know why people so 'fraid o' me and my relatives when most of us just want to be left alone. Maybe it's de eight legs. But den I have to ask, are you afraid of crabs or octopus? We spider is just another expression of de Creator and if it weren't for us, you'd be overrun with all kind of bug dem.

Lynn Kelley at Random Acts of Weirdness asked:
How old are you, and who is your best friend?
Miss Lynn, I is as old as dirt, as old as Africa, and as old as the Caribbean islands. As for who is my best friend? That would have to be Tacoomah (pronounced TUCK-a-mah) because he is a spider like me.

Vijaya at Reading, Writing and Ruminating asked:
Anansi, tell me why you don't get rid of all those cockroaches? Where are you when I need you?
Now Miss Vijaya, how you expect me to be everywhere all de time? I doin' my best, but even I can't eat de cockroach dem.

C. Lee McKenzie at The Write Game asked:
How did you come up with that fabulous color combination? I have to say, you're a one of a kind spider.
Thank you, Miss Lee. The Creator make me just like He make all o' we.

Medeia Sharif said:
I thought spiders only ate bugs.
Most of the time that is true, Miss Medeia. But not so with me. I will eat anything because I like all food. And just so you know it's true, listen to this song by Asheba.

But look at dat nah . . .
Think him big!
With him eight legs, ha ha ha
Little Anancy not strong like tiger
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Always hungry
And thinking of some kind of trick
All through the jungle
Everyone a laughing
They laugh so much
Until they belly hurting (oh gosh)

Thank you very much, Anansi. Do you think you might want to come back?
I thinkin' this is a nice website to hang around, so I thinkin' yes.

Got a question for Anansi? Ask away! He'd love to hear from you.


  1. Great interview. I'm glad Anansi is coming around again. Yay!

  2. Cute interview. : )

  3. We don't want to be overrun with bugs, Anansi!

  4. I wish all bugs and animals could speak and be cute like they are in kids' stories. :-) When I was little, I was devastated to learn that Snap, Crackle and Pop from the Rice Krispie commercial did not march out of my cereal box and talk with me in the morning.

  5. Aw Bish, I love Anansi's voice :) I'm glad he's hanging around the blog, trapping a few bugaboos.

  6. I love this format. What a great way to learn about Anansi.

  7. Aw, Anansi is so cute! I can relate to the obsession over food ;)

  8. Rockin' out to the Jamaican beat. I would ask Anansi some questions, but I think my trend of spider killing might come through. (Shh!) What can I say, after that first wolf spider bit my son...


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