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Monday, July 29, 2013

Visitors and Weather

Passerina ciris-20090208We saw one of these guys at our bird bath the other day. He was looking a little haggard and thin, not so fine and robust as the one in this picture. A painted bunting showed up in '09, 11 and now in 13. What's interesting is that all three times they appeared in July.

Their range is southern and eastern Texas, so seeing one in the the Hill Country is a little uncommon.

I imagine the drought is making some animals travel outside their comfort zones as they search for food and water.

Ah yes, the drought. This is the third year. We had a long, pleasant spring, nor has this summer been as hot as it was two years ago, for which we are grateful. But still there has been no significant rain. We need 23 to 25 inches, now, today, to bring our creeks and rivers up to normal levels.

Look at it this way. Texas has 254 counties, the most of any state in the union. 200 of those counties are experiencing severe drought conditions. The average rainfall for our area is between 30 and 31 inches. In 2011, the driest year on record, we had only 13.1 inches of rain. Last year we got all the way up to 25.04. So far this year we're up to 14.5 with the hottest part of summer looming ahead of us.

Sigh... Send us your extra drops. Pray for rain, help us with a rain dance.

I leave you with this, the sounds of a Texas downpour. Music I would love to hear.

How's the weather been in your part of the world?


  1. How weird. I knew you were in a drought, but as I watch the Weather Channel, they say Texas keeps getting rain. I guess you're not anywhere near it.

  2. Be glad to send you our rain. We are way over our normal right now.

  3. I just read part 3 of the Miss Ellaneous tale. Walnut, Holenut, knothole.... What a play on words. I couldn't get at it before as my week got messy.
    That is a colorful bird to find at your feeder. But I bet you're used to seeing more variety of birds than we have here.
    I'd send you rain if we had any. We have had a couple rainfalls and that would make it 2 more than we had last year. I think you have to ask the people living in PA for rain. I hear they have a surplus.

  4. I love a good rain, but I especially love a (non-violent) thunderstorm. Hoping you receive some of both soon.

  5. That's a pretty bird.

    I'd be happy to send all of our recent thunderstorms your direction.

  6. I hear you, Bish. Drought is something we know here as well and it's not fun. If I had rain to share, I'd send it your way.

  7. Hi Bish .. we could all do with more periods of gentle rains, not deluges when they come ...

    Beautiful bird though ...

    They've had rain further inland, but we could do with some more here - on the other hand .. I'm enjoying the status quo ...

    Cheers Hilary

  8. San Diego is dry, dry. We have already had two wildfires.

    I haven't heard rain like that for ages. I'd go dancing in it!

  9. The video reminds of some sleep apps I have. I can hear storms, rain, fans, purring cats, and other sounds.

    Sometimes I get too much rain. It would be nice if it went to places that need it the most.

  10. Poor little feathered creature. Drought is so hard on the animals. Thankfully we haven't had too much drought in our area of South Africa for a while now, but areas further north are very dry. We've had a lovely mild winter though, and looking forward to our first spring rain soon. When it arrives I'll try to send some to Texas!

  11. Sorry to hear that the drought continues, ultimately it will affect us all. We used to raise Quarter Horses in CO and ID at a time when good quality 'horse hay' was selling for about $80/ton, I understand that today because of the drought it's going for $200+/ton. Sure glad I'm not in the horse business anymore. Unfortunately, the weather is doing the same thing to wheat prices and I am still in the eating business.


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