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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pet Peeves

I don't have many, as one might discover by the number of posts I've done on the subject. But they do come up.

My latest one has to do with odors. One might think I'm going to say something about odors of the disagreeable kind, but I'm not.
I think our noses are being overwhelmed by odors of the agreeable kind. I think we are numbing our olfactory senses by being overly concerned with smelling "good."

Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' 1964Think about it. Here's a list - probably not complete - of the layers of smells a single human may have on his or her body on any given day.

Shampo in bathSoap P1140887We usually start the day with a shower. There's the soap, shampoo and conditioner. Each with its own smell. 
Scent-bottles 02DeodorantWe dry off. Maybe we put on lotion, powder, perfume and/or deodorant. Or all of them.

We brush our teeth and use mouthwash.

Make Up - by Alex

Women put on make-up and each item has it's own odor. Maybe they take care of something called, "feminine odor."

Truefitt & Hill products

Men have shaving cream and aftershave.
There's hairspray and hair gel.

That might cover the bathroom.

Now we get dressed. 
LinuxWasch3Our clothes have been washed in scented detergent and softened in scented fabric softener and maybe dried with a scented drier sheet. Maybe our clothes have come from drawers with a scented sachet or from a cedar scented closet. 
Maybe we powder or spray our feet  our with some kind of anti-fungal stuff or we put Odor Eaters in in our shoes.
Body powder on foot
If all of that wasn't enough, we walk through our home which probably has carcinogenic room deodorizers plugged in, or we've sprayed with Febreze.

I tell you, we're numbing our ability to really smell. And I think that could be bad thing.

What do you think? Are you tired of walking through certain aisles at the store and coming away with an itchy nose? Or what about walking past the open doors of a Bed and Bath store? The only time I went in one I lost the ability to choose a soap because after sniffing a few I could no longer tell what they smelled like. 


  1. OK, I hear what you're saying but I love smelling of perfume so I'm torn two ways. I wear unperfumed deodorant so not guilty there but love the smell of my shampoo and conditioner. I don't use room sprays. They don't make sense at all but I'd rather smell of a perfume of my choice than of body odour. It must have stunk something chronic in the olden days!

  2. Ha! This is a funny post. I'm VERY sensitive to bad odors. My house must have no bad smells or I'm scrubbing away. I'm weird like that. Maybe that's also why I love to cook, because then I get good odors.

  3. We are drowning our noses, aren't we? It's like the Yankee Candle store - by the time my wife holds up a third candle for me to smell, I can't smell any difference between them.

  4. Considering I own enough Bath & Body Works to open my own store, I guess I'm part of the problem.

  5. You have a point, but I'm glad there are so many lovely things to smell during the day, even if alot of that isn't natural. My grandmother doesn't have the sense of smell, and I've always realised how much we can take it for granted.

  6. I can't stand rotten smells, but I'm pretty used to smells of most products. I love scented products and I burn scented candles. I'm not sensitive to any of them. I only remember feeling ill with a strong rose candle in a small room.

  7. What a fascinating post. I can't handle some stores because of the overwhelming scents. I like a lot of scents though, but I don't like too many at once. I don't use room deodorizers, but I love the smell of my shampoo. I am allergic to many artificial scents that are put in deodorants, soaps, detergents, so many of those things have to be scent free for me. Sometimes if someone has a lot of perfume or cologne on it can make me feel sick- but in moderation it is okay.

    I prefer natural scents and love smelling flowers, grass, and other scents in nature.

  8. Oh, so very true. I am sensitives to odors, esp. colognes/perfumes. I get the worst migraines.

  9. I've wondered about this, too. Today's products are so loaded with man-made chemicals, that I'm sure that's why many are over-perfumed. None of it is good for us allergy sufferers.

  10. Oh, forgot to say there's a little something for you on my blog today :)

  11. I'm with you. All those smells drive my allergies wild and not in a good way. Best smell is CLEAN! Everything I use is unscented.

  12. Carol Kilgore sent me over. Even though I generally like smelling good smells (hard not to like that, eh), I think you are right about it being over done.

  13. I rarely wear perfume or use any toiletries with a strong smell. I enjoy going outside and being able to smell all the different scents of the world. I do think many people have numbed their sense of smell.

  14. Hi Bish .. I do wear perfume .. but haven't changed since this one came up very early on - and everyone (well not literally!) remarks on how lovely it is ..

    I hate false smells otherwise - everything is as plain as I can get it .. hate false anything ..

    Cheers to you - Hilary

  15. I completely agree with you! Too many scents. After my soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and body lotion, I'm one confused scented girl!

    I use an unscented crystal rock deodorant.I'm not a fan of scented candles or room sprays. I use only a tiny bit of detergent in my wash. It's all too much! I live by the ocean - THAT's what I want to smell. Not manufactured "nice" scents.

    Great post!

  16. Hi, Bish. Interesting post. I guess I never really gave it much thought, but we are surrounded by lots of different smells on a daily basis. One thing in our house that doesn't have any kind of scents added in is our laundry. Due to skin sensitivities, we only use laundry soap that has no scents or colors.


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