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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Trunk Bay

For this, my fourth year doing the challenge, I've decided to share place names from the Virgin Islands. For such a small spot in the ocean, it seems like every rock, cove, hill and house has been christened. The names are a unique mix of Spanish, Danish, French, Dutch, English, and African to name a few.

Trunk Bay, St. John 
One of the most photographed beaches in the world, it is the beach my grandparents bought in 1928. It is where my grandmother had her first guest house. It is the beach I saw, at age five, upon awakening my first morning in the Virgin Islands. It is where I learned to swim. 

Other T Names:
Turner Bay, St. John
Turpentine Run, St. Thomas
Tutu, St. Thomas

Turtle Bay, St. John
Part of the Caneel Bay resort hotel complex.

Thatch Cay
It is off the east end of St. Thomas. This is taken from Smith Bay. There is also a Thatch Cay, BVI


  1. Truck Bay is indeed gorgeous. How lucky you were to grow up there.

  2. What a beautiful place in which to grow up. But how did it get the name of Trunk Bay? I guess it can't be from the wearing of swimming trunks.

  3. Oh my goodness. The top picture is like a piece of paradise. What a varied life you must have had there

  4. That statement is so profound: It's the beach my grandparent's bought. That blows my mind.

  5. Bob, There are two possible sources for the name. One is after Trunkscildpatt, the giant leatherback turtle, and the other is after the Trunkfish. Personally, I like the idea of the beach being named after the leatherback.

  6. You had such a wonderful childhood, Bish! A beach at your doorstep!

  7. Your own beach! Absolutely wonderful. And not just any old beach, but one that is stunning.

    I can't even imagine. In Texas, everything in front of the dune line is public access.

  8. No, no! Carol. I must clarify! We USED to own Trunk Bay. It is now part of the St. John National Park. We also USED to own Lillie Maho which is also part of the Park.

    If my family still owned Trunk Bay I'd probably still be living down there and not in Texas.

  9. Wow. There are no words. It's just beautiful. Your grandparents bought this beach?? How awesome it must've been to visit them here.

  10. The beach where you learned to swim...great memories.

  11. That is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, the island looks amazing. I'm not surprised you wish you still owned that spectacular piece of land. Wow!

  12. Just beautiful. I was lucky enough to spend my senior spring break in the Virgin Islands...I wish I took better track of which areas I visited!

  13. Wow - beautiful place. The beauty never seems to end in your A to Z series this year :)

  14. I'm convinced from all your pictures that you live in paradise.


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