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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hawksnest

For this, my fourth year doing the challenge, I've decided to share place names from the Virgin Islands. For such a small spot in the ocean, it seems like every rock, cove, hill and house has been christened. The names are a unique mix of Spanish, Danish, French, Dutch, English, and African to name a few.

Hawksnest Bay, St. John

Hawksnest Bay has within it, four beaches. From left to right, Gibney Beach, Public Hawksnest, Little Hawksnest (barely visible) and Sheep Dock, now called Caneel Hawksnest.  As a kid there used to be a dock at Sheepdock and was one of the places where (you guessed it) sheep were loaded and unloaded.

Hawksnest from the sea. Left to right, Gibney Beach, Public Hawksnest, Little Hawksnest and the Sheepdock

Other H Names:
Hammer Farm, St. John is near Catherineberg. Growing up, a family lived at Hammer Farm from whom we could get fresh produce.
Hard Labor Hill, St. John was an exceptionally steep road that I posted about.
Hart Bay, St. John
Haulover, St. John and Haulover Bay are on the way to East End. It is a narrow strip of land separating the north and south sides of the island. At one time they used to haul small boats over this strip of land instead of sailing all the way around East End.
Hermitage Estate, St. John
Honeymoon Bay, St. John is part of Caneel Bay, a separate and lovely beach.
Hurricane Hole, St. John, located past Coral Bay on the way to East End, is a bay within a bay within a bay and is used to moor boats during hurricanes. It's very protected.
Hans Lollik Island (Big and Little), If you want to own an island, I believe these may still be for sale.

Henley Cay, off the north shore of St. John right outside Caneel Bay

Havensite, St. Thomas. A place where the cruise ships dock and tourist can shop.

Hassle Island, St. Thomas. It is the first island to the right in the picture below. Once it was long peninsula attached to island of St.Thomas. It has a very interesting history which I touched on HERE.

 Prince Frederik's Battery on Hassle, was built in 1788 to protect the harbor. During the Napoleonic War, when the British occupied the island, its name was changed to Fort Willoughby.
The English built this ammunition depot and garrison house on Hassle Island.

Looking from Ft. Willoughby toward Havensite.

 Hull Bay, St. Thomas.

Hotel 1829, was built in, you guessed it, 1829 by a wealthy French sea merchant.

Hotel 1829 has a genuine Tiffany stained glass window called, "In Search of the Promised Land."


  1. Hotel 1829 looks like n interesting place

  2. These photos are so so beautiful, Bish!! We're finally getting spring/summery weather here in PA, and between that and these photos, I'm yearning for the Caribbean!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. It is so interesting to see the pictures of your world. I don't think I had realized how very huge cruise ships have become. Your picture really shows the size of that thing.

  4. I like all the photos but my fav. is the old pink hotel. My husband couldn't walk very far during the last 10 years of his life so we went on a lot of cruises. We lived very close to Cape Canaveral and on the spur of the moment, get on a cruise boat. I saw a lot of the islands that way.

  5. I'd really like to visit the Virgin Islands now. They sound like a wonderful place to experience. :-)

  6. I would take a thousand photos at least!

  7. These are amazing pictures! I always find the ocean to be so stunning and inspiring.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Honeymoon Bay and Hurricane Hole--I love your posts!!

  10. oh wow, that first photo in particular is amazing!

  11. So beautiful. I wish I were there now.

  12. Hi Bish .. Medeia said it - let me come over for a sleep!!! Looks just idyllic .. mind you I'm not impressed by the cruise ship - but I guess they bring much needed funds ...

    Cheers Hilary


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