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Monday, August 6, 2012

E Road Review

Over the week-end a special group of cars visited our area. As I have no memory of ever seeing any of these cars in person, and because my husband is a car guy, we went and took a look at them.

Introducing the infamous Edsel.

This convertible was well used by a family man with three kids. He brought it and the station wagon pictured below all the way from East Los Angeles.

I liked the color of this one. A lovely shade of green.

Another convertible, all shiny and like new.

Here's the station wagon from L. A. Big and roomy. Note the curved glass rear window.

This one is a survivor. An unrestored, four-door plain Jane.

A snazzy two-door.

This is a popular custom project, melding a Ford Ranchero pick-up with an Edsel. 

Another convertible, with a black ragtop and dual exhaust.

A nice emblem.
I'm not sure why Edsels had such a bad reputation except that they were competing with the classic Chevy '57. Even though the '57 is affectionately called the Grandaddy of Bling, the Edsels are heavy and loaded with chrome and stainless steel.

Pretty cool. 
Have you ever seen an Edsel?


  1. Oh, wow, you looked at some pretty beautiful cars. So jealous.

  2. i have seen an edsel---i loved looking at these gems---i wish i had a corvair like i had as a teen!

  3. Gorgeous! M was born with cars on the brain ... and we've been to some old car shows, so yes, I've seen an Edsel.

  4. Blast from the past! And your photos are awesome.

  5. I am not a car person- so I am not sure if I have ever seen one. Still- I loved looking at the photoes. The different colors and styles were fantastic. I want the blue convertible. :)

  6. I think my dad owned most of those cars at one time or another! Serious! :)

  7. I got a healthy appreciation for cars from my dad. He loves this stuff. There's something appealing about the lines of these older cars that isn't replicated in today's models.

  8. Great pictures as always. I love the ones with the emblems of the cars. You are so good about paying attention to details. I've never ridden or noticed Edsels before.

    Oh! And you won something on my blog!

  9. I have a car guy, too! Bet we've wandered through a few of these shows and never met. I oh and aw about the colors and the interior (being very girl) while he has his head under the hood. These machines are amazing bits of our history.

  10. They sure don't make stuff like they used to. They all look great.

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    Send me your address! YAY!

  12. Great pics. Yes, I have seen an Edsel.

  13. I've never seen one up close, but I occasionally see these classic cars drive by here in L.A.


  14. Wow indeed! I don't think I've ever seen these in person either--thanks for sharing! I love these old cars, although I doubt I could drive one :)

  15. Even if I have, I don't think I have registered it. But it sure it s beauty.

  16. I got flack for being at the YO looking at those old Edsels instead of being at the big Swap Meet 30 miles away. But it was worth it.

    I noticed that about 40% of them were from Texas.
    And 50% of them had been body off restorations.

    It's possible the Ranchero didn't have it's standard 400 engine. I don't know.



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